Temple Bookstore representative attends TSG Meeting

Jim Hanley, store manager of the Temple University Main Campus Bookstore, attended the Temple Student Government meeting this Monday to discuss the initiatives the bookstore is taking to get textbooks ordered earlier.

Temple bookstore not only wants its shelves to be full before students arrive, it also wants to gives students the best deals. If orders are placed earlier, students will receive more money when they sell back books. There will also be more used copies available.

Hanley outlined the actions the book store has taken to get the faculty to pre-order their textbooks the earliest possible. He emphasized the importance of having a partnership with the faculty. The bookstore is working with both the Provost office and the college deans to help students with textbook costs. Hanley stated that it was important for the students to get involved as well.

“I encourage students to talk to their professors about placing textbook orders sooner,” Hanley said to the TSG general assembly.

Hanley mentioned that there may be a deadline for when the faculty will need to have their orders in. The deadline is unknown and still in its “preliminary stage.”

Peter Jones, vice-provost for University Studies, started the discussion regarding the textbooks. He stated that during the last three years the bookstore has saved students over $4 million.

Jones presented information on several research opportunities within Temple. He discussed the Undergraduate Research Incentive fund whose next deadline is April 18, 2008 . He continued with various Diamond Programs including the Scholar program, the Peer Teacher program, and the Ambassador program. The Diamond Scholar’s deadline for the summer is Feb. 15 and the Ambassador program is invitation only.

Jones stressed the importance of undergraduate research.

“You want your resumes to stand out when you go out to get a job,” Jones said.

Matthew Biedrzycki, a student who works in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, reminded students of the 10th Annual Pennsylvania National Association for Multicultural Education Conference on April 4 and 5. This event will have many speakers and discussions regarding race and ethnicity. Students must register by Feb. 8 to get in for free. Registration after this date will require $15 to attend.

Vice President of Student Affairs Nadine Mompremier spoke about the Temple Fan Essay Contest deadline is also quickly approaching. Trustee Lewis Katz is offering $5000 to a student who can write an essay on how to increase student participation at Temple’s sporting events. The essay must be 500 words or less and its deadline is on Feb. 13. The essay should be sent to iei@temple.edu. There will be second and third place winners as well.

Rebecca Hale can be reached at Rebecca.hale@temple.edu

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