Temple forms task force to 3D print personal protective equipment

The College of Engineering is sending thousands of face shields to Temple University Hospital.

A prototype example of a face shield currently being created by students and faculty in the College of Engineering | COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING / COURTESY

Temple University’s College of Engineering delivered approximately 1,200 3D-printed face shields to Temple University Hospital and plans to produce upwards of 10,000 more as part of a larger effort to support medical personnel at the hospital fighting COVID-19, the university announced on April 2.

Faculty, students and administrative staff have been working directly with Temple University Hospital, meeting virtually shortly after the university transitioned to online learning, according to the announcement. The task force is also considering producing reusable respirators, 3-D printed cages for N95 masks and 3D-printed ventilator manifolds.

The task force is working at a time when hospitals across the country are facing a shortage of personal protective equipment necessary for treating patients with COVID-19, a strain of coronavirus, Vox reported.

The university’s task force is comprised of faculty and students from bioengineering and mechanical engineering as well as faculty from the College of Science and Technology, the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple Libraries, Student Health Services, the Office for the Vice President for Research, Information Technology and Campus Operations, according to the announcement.

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