Temple Rome and Temple Japan plan ahead as coronavirus cases soar

With the disease spreading in Rome and Tokyo, Temple has indicated it will hold classes online if the campuses need to be evacuated.

Temple has developed contingency plans to evacuate its Rome and Tokyo campuses if need be due to the spread of coronavirus, WHYY reported Tuesday.

There are more than 300 cases of coronavirus in Italy and more than 800 cases in Japan, the New York Times reported.  Temple Rome has canceled field trips to art galleries due to the outbreak, wrote Ray Betzner, spokesperson for the university, in an email to The Temple News.

If the Temple Rome and Japan campuses have to be evacuated, the university will hold classes online, WHYY reported. 

“As is true for our campuses in Japan and here in the U.S., we constantly monitor the situation to determine if we need to take additional actions,” Betzner wrote.  “The safety and health of our students is our top priority.”

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