Temple: Take accountability in implementing anti-racist initiative

Temple pledged to spend $1 million on anti-racist eduacation, but some see the initiative as not enough.

After watching Temple University’s response to campus protests during the summer, the Editorial Board commends Temple for its monetary commitment to anti-racist education. 

We appreciate the university’s eight-point pledge to recruit more faculty of color and increase funding for the Department of Africology and African American studies, among other plans.

We see this initiative as a work in progress. This should not be the final framework of Temple’s anti-racist education. 

Students have already voiced concerns about the initiative, like its focus on whiteness rather than Blackness.

The Editorial Board believes it is imperative that Temple commits to timely implementation of this initiative, and the university must listen to improvements to it that are suggested by its stakeholders as it is being implemented. 

Temple must update students, faculty and the North Central community as to how the university is progressing on this initiative.

The Editorial Board looks to the university to hold itself accountable and fulfill its promise of an anti-racist education. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tyler Perez, chief copy editor, reported the accompanying story. He did not play a part in writing this editorial.

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