Temple Trustees approve three property acquisitions near Main Campus

The university views the properties as expanded development opportunities to “activate Broad Street.”

Trustees authorized Temple to proceed with the acquisition at a cost of no more than $772,445. | NOEL CHACKO / THE TEMPLE NEWS

At a public session meeting Tuesday afternoon, Temple’s Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of three properties behind the 2000 block of Broad Street near Main Campus.

The $750,000 “strategic acquisition” of the properties located at 2047, 2049 and 2051 North Carlisle Street near Diamond are viewed by the university as potential expanded development opportunities aligning with the goal of “activating Broad Street.” 

Trustees authorized Temple to proceed with the acquisition at a cost of no more than $772,445. The university expects additional costs for title services, owner’s title insurance, government record charges and transfer tax.

In January, the board authorized a more than $4 million acquisition of 7-Eleven’s property and its accompanying parking lot on Broad Street near Diamond. The Carlisle Street acquisitions are located just behind that property.

The acquisition was one of several development projects that were authorized in the Board’s meeting. Other projects include pedestrian and traffic safety improvements on Broad Street and the lease of Zion Baptist Church on Broad Street near Temple’s Health Sciences Center.

The university is also exploring the development of a mixed-use, residential and retail space with approximately 850 beds on Broad Street, intended to bring students closer to campus and cultivate more activity in the campus’ main corridor.

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