The 15 best student artists: Zack Gross

Fifteen artists were chosen to share their stories in our special issue, created to showcase some of Temple’s most passionate and creative on-campus talent.

Year: Senior
Major: Photography

(Nic Lukehart/TTN)

Within the Tyler School of Art, there is a student who does more than just his homework. Making his way in the big leagues, Zack Gross is booking his own gigs.

This sophomore photography major was chosen as one of the top 15 artists for more than just his artistic abilities. Aside from keeping up with his schoolwork, Gross is establishing himself as a photographer and is one of the founding members of Omelette Arthaus, a promising group of talented artists.

Gross has worked on projects for companies like Febreze, Canon, and Melophobe.
He found his first gig on Craigslist. The event was free, and Gross was able to network with recognized photographer Richard Agudelo.

Agudelo went on to invite Gross to a photo shoot, providing Agudelo with free help and Gross with experience. Gross participated in shooting for projects like Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist and reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee.

“Seeing the collaborative effort between photographer, crew and the person being shot was out of this world,” Gross said. “It is definitely something to be experienced, not just taught from in a classroom.”

Gross also interacts with fellow group members in Omelette Arthaus. The group is comprised of more than just graphic designers and photographers – it contains artists from ceramics and glass to sculpture and pottery. Members meet to inspire and enhance each other’s artistic work.

“The most important thing is portfolio,” Gross said about building his résumé. “Grades should be good, however, visible proof of your work gives a much better impression.”

With the intention of having photo shoots booked every weekend until he graduates, Gross is sure to have a marketable portfolio.

“I would like to graduate with a portfolio that would be comparable to someone who has graduated 10 years before me,” Gross said.

Gross is continuing to advance his status in the photography industry. He hopes to one day work for companies like H&M and Elle Magazine.

Setting the bar high is not an issue for an artist like Gross, who makes all the right moves.

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