Good-bye from TSG president

President Nadine Mompremier gives a farewell address to the Temple community.

Dear Temple University Students,

It has been a pleasure to serve as your Student Body President this year. This year had its successes and shortcomings but, overall, was a progressive year. Last year, many of you heard about the changes TSG made and the goals Owl VOICES wanted to achieve. We were elected with a platform that we stayed true to and dealt with the situations that came up throughout the academic year.

We worked on building the Senate, providing opportunities for students to get involved and bringing change to campus. We worked with administration and local officials and addressed the Yorktown concerns, including having a lawyer speak to students about their rights to stay in the area. We also provided off-campus housing and financial aid forums so that students could know what to look for when taking the first steps to moving off-campus and themselves from situations that occurred in Yorktown. We provided an outlet to have student concerns addressed, whether it was about the labor unions, financial aid, diversity, GenEd or more speakers at our monthly State of the Campus meetings, including the provost, the director of enrollment management, the director of GenEd, the chief financial officer and the president.

We were able to accomplish so much as a team. With the relationships we’ve established, we hope that TSG is in a direction to achieve more with support from the students and administration.

I say all of this knowing that many of you didn’t have a chance to get involved and see this take place. However, our initiatives go to show what a group of committed individuals can do to bring change when they are given an opportunity to do so. This election is your chance to get involved in the process. Elections are taking place today and tomorrow at I encourage you to get to know the candidates, find out who they are, what they’ve accomplished and what they want to bring about next year. Talk with your peers, and learn about these students. TUACTION! and TU Dream Team are vying for your votes because they are ready and willing to serve you and want to continue improving Temple University.

I am confident in their abilities for next year, and I have hope in what TSG can and will accomplish next year and in the future.

Nadine F. Mompremier
Student Body President 2008-2009

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