This season, get a toehold on hot new styles

Spring fever has hit me hard, and with it, a major shoe frenzy has me going crazy for the season’s hottest looks. I don’t know what it is about shoes, but placing a new pair

Spring fever has hit me hard, and with it, a major shoe frenzy has me going crazy for the season’s hottest looks. I don’t know what it is about shoes, but placing a new pair on my feet puts an instant smile on my face.

Why do women like buying shoes? I have no idea. But I do know that I am a shoe fiend and that purchasing a beautiful piece of art to adorn my foot is nearly orgasmic.

Shoes are supposed to be practical for walking, support and comfort, but then why do so many people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gorgeous, yet painful, blister-inducing heels? Again, I have no idea, but I fall victim to this very torture.

Spring fashions are great. Fabrics are lighter, skirts are fashionable, and the shoes can totally make or break the outfit. Sandals are so cute and they can be cheaper than the standard brown shoe and black shoe you buy in the colder seasons.

Perhaps this is why so many women have many pairs of flip-flops and other sandals, and let me tell you, I too am prone to this flip-flop mayhem.

I’ve bought more than 10 pairs of shoes in about a span of two weeks, but who can blame me? I needed espadrilles, flip-flops, flats, heels and all in varying colors.

Spring is a time when it’s not bad to want 15 pairs of feet so you can have a legitimate reason for purchasing so many shoes.

Online shopping has become the bane of my existence. I love sauntering department stores and the shops along Walnut and Chestnut streets and merely admiring the window displays. But now, with the click of a button, I can stare face to face with my object of desire whenever I want.

While I can tell myself I need to try them on, it’s just too easy for me to give into my impulses and purchase the damn things.

Let me just say,, I love you! Their spring shoes range from $7.99 metallic flip-flops, similar to J. Crew’s, to sexy open-toed wedges for a mere $24.99. I bought black-and-white flip-flops and the wedges too. It was just too easy and just too cheap.

But it didn’t stop there! Gap has super cute shoes for bargain prices that I could barely pass up and I found them online also! I got cute espadrilles for less than $30 and cork wedges for about $25.

Flats are so in, and why not buy multiple pairs? They’re cute and feminine and – get this – comfortable! That’s why I needed a new pair to replace my silver glitter shoes.

I found the perfect Steve Madden “Pixie” leather cut-out flats in a metallic bronze that go with so many of the season’s fashion trends.

Wear them with a skirt, jeans, shorts or capris. They’re super versatile, so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth.

One thing I definitely recommend is Dr. Scholl’s shoes with memory foam. I found a pair of Dr. Scholl’s thong heels that have the memory foam built right in. They’re hot, heeled and comfy.

But if you find yourself completely in love with a pair of spring’s latest shoes, and they’re a tad bit uncomfortable, see the doctor. Yeah, I’m talking about Dr. Scholl’s.

He’s got Gellin’ soles for women’s shoes, so they’re smaller and they go great with open-toed styles. Don’t forget heel strips to prevent blisters when you’re breaking in a new pair.

I live by these two amazing inventions, but the Doctor’s got plenty more for any foot gripe. Check it out at any pharmacy.

Before I leave you ladies with visions of flats and espadrilles dancing in your head, promise me these few things when sporting your latest spring shoes:

Wear sandals that actually fit your feet. Meaning no toes hanging over the edges or heels hanging off the backs.

Get a pumice stone and rub down any area before it turns hard and yellow

Don’t wear pantyhose with any open-toed sandal. I don’t care if it’s more comfortable, the toe seam will not stay down even if you tuck it under.

If your feet are ugly, don’t wear sandals that stress this fact. If your friend suffers from ugly feet, kindly tell her. Save us all from the revolting sight.

Invest in a good pedicure, or at least paint your own nails. Yellowing, chipped or just plain funky nails must be polished.

Now that we know some of the basic rules, go out, scout and conquer! It’s time to put our best feet forward this spring.

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