Top 10 columns of 2017

Read our columnists’ stances on the university’s and world’s biggest issues of 2017.

  1. WalkTU offers necessary inclusivity by Jenny Roberts

Supervising Editor Jenny Roberts supports the Wellness Resource Center’s switch from Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to WalkTU: Engaging New Voices in Ending Sexual Violence. She wrote that the previous arrangement, which consisted of athletes and fraternity brothers parading through campus in red heels, was patronizing.

  1. Don’t just say you’re an LGBTQ ally, be one by Grace Shallow

Managing Editor Grace Shallow thinks people should earn the title of “ally” by standing up for those who are represented by each letter of the LGBTQ acronym, not just one or two groups of people.

  1. Stop blaming ‘the media’ by Jayna Schaffer

Opinion Editor Jayna Schaffer writes that it’s dangerous to have so many students who distrust the media as a whole, when some news sources are more reputable than others. She calls for students to educate themselves on the best place to get the facts.

  1. Blockson Collection unsilences Black history by Basia Wilson

Sullivan Hall houses the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, which houses more than 500,000 artifacts that commemorate Black history. A columnist urges students to check it out so they can learn more about Black history, since it is often silenced.

  1. Buddhism is my religion, not your decorations by Lauren Piontko

Columnist Lauren Piontko, a Buddhist, noticed many students decorating their dorm rooms with tapestries and statues that are meant to represent her beliefs. She wrote that it is disappointing to realize most of these students aren’t educated about the practices of her religion.

  1. Day care should be an option for student parents on Main Campus by Joy Cato

Temple was founded in 1880 for non-traditional students — typically adults with full-time jobs or families. A columnist arguesthe university should adhere to its mission of accommodating non-traditional students by offering daycare services.

  1. Donate where it counts by Rae Burach

A columnist writes that people who want to help combat homelessness can make a bigger impact by donating to shelters rather than people on the streets.

  1. Women’s sports deserve support, game attendance by Maura Razanauskas

Sports writer and columnist Maura Razanauskas noticed a significant difference in spectator turnout and atmosphere while reporting on the Temple men’s and women’s basketball games. She argues that women’s sports deserve the same attention as men’s sports.

  1. Diverse leaders can better represent students and the community by Jensen Toussaint

This year, Temple Student Government has three students of color in its top positions. Columnist Jensen Toussaint writes why it is inspiring and valuable to have diverse leaders leading the student body.

  1. Skywalk proposal signals exclusivity by Alisa Sarasarn Islam

A proposed skywalk would connect Alter Hall to 1810 Liacouras Walk as part of Fox School of Business’s expansion, which, according to columnist Alisa Sarasarn Islam, will further isolate a school that already has an exclusive on-campus presence.

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