Top 10 editorials of 2017

Our Editorial Board responds to concerns of the university. Read our staff’s strongest arguments of 2017.

  1. TUJ lacks resources

A 14-hour time difference stands between Temple University Japan students and reporting their sexual assaults to officials on Main Campus. The Editorial Board argues there is a dangerous absence of resources for sexual assault survivors at TUJ.

  1. Respond to substance use

After two student deaths from substance use within one week, the Editorial Board urges the university to address the opioid epidemic.

  1. Temple needs to be transparent about the stadium

After President Richard Englert announced that Temple is still pursuing an on-campus stadium in the annual State of the University Address, the Editorial Board wrote that the university should be more straightforward about plans for a stadium that would negatively affect the surrounding community.

  1. Hold accused honorees accountable

After Matt Lauer, former co-host of NBC’s “Today” and the 2009 recipient of the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media award, was fired for sexual misconduct allegations, the Editorial Board urged the university to cut ties with him and other honorees accused of such allegations.

  1. Temple should condemn Cosby’s town hall tour

In response to the announcement of Bill Cosby’s plan to tour the country and lead seminars on how to avoid being accused of sexual assault, the Editorial Board wrote that he should instead focus on educating people about consent. The Temple News pushed for the university to denounce the tour and ultimately cut ties from Cosby.

  1. Parliament: get to work

The Temple News editorialized about 10 Parliament members filing to impeach each other — a number larger than that of resolutions passed at that point. The Editorial Board wrote that Parliament members should stop disagreeing so they can get their jobs done.

  1. Read, remain critical and demand the truth

While national leaders manipulate facts and dictate truth when they don’t like what they’re hearing, The Temple News asks readers to hold onto the power of a free press.

  1. Don’t credit O’Connor

Founder’s Garden was dedicated to Board of Trustees Chairman Patrick O’Connor and his wife, Marie. The Temple News stands by student organizations that do not think O’Connor, who defended Bill Cosby in 2005 when Andrea Constand, a former university employee, accused Cosby of sexual assault, should be celebrated on Main Campus.

  1. Help a community grieve

After three student deaths — one of which was ruled a suicide — The Temple News suggests the university improves Tuttleman Counseling Services and spreads awareness about mental health on campus, despite lack of response from university officials when the Editorial Board reached out for a comment about Tuttleman.

  1. Temple among nominees for Golden Padlock Award

The Temple News wrote that its nominating Temple to receive a Golden Padlock Award — an award for the most secretive publicly funded agency or person in the United States — was not an attempt to shame any individual who has denied us information, but hopes transparency would improve.

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