Top 10 essays of 2018

The personal essays we published in 2018 were some of our most compelling ones yet, so for the first time ever, we compiled a list of the best ones.

1. Learning a lesson from a childhood character by Justin Oakes

Justin Oakes, a first-time essay writer at The Temple News, shares the relationship he has with his grandmother who has dementia. The 2018 movie featuring Winnie the Pooh influenced him to spend even more time with her.

2. Race, sexuality intersects at 13th and Locust by Tyler Perez

Tyler Perez is one of our Lead Columnists, but he also has a knack for sharing his personal stories through narrative essays. In this story, he writes about his bisexuality and Latinx roots coming together at Outfest.

3. Early morning drives, quality time with Pop by Jayna Schaffer

Opinion Editor Jayna Schaffer shares the bond she has with her grandfather and the summer he spent driving her to work at 3 a.m. each morning.

4. Keeping Fiona Apple close after high school by Basia Wilson

Basia Wilson, our Lead Essayist, shares her connection with an alternative singer-songwriter and her music. Each day, she remembers what Fiona Apple taught her: confront what’s unfair, instead of being passive.

5. There’s more to me than where I was born by Jackie Minnis

Jackie Minnis wrote about the inner conflict she has when it comes to her identity as someone who was adopted from China by her Irish mother.

6. Reading ‘contraband’ by Basia Wilson

In this essay, Basia Wilson describes the beauty she finds in reading banned books like “The Kite Runner.”

7. Thanking my father for a lifelong love of music by Rae Burach

Lead Columnist Rae Burach writes a personal essay about how heavily she was influenced by her father being a passionate musician.

8. The scale: recovery is a fine balance by Courtney Redmon

Former Design Editor Courtney Redmon writes an essay about her recovery journey during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018.

9. Becoming a ‘Word Freak’ by Joshua Victor

Joshua Victor illustrates how he became involved in the world of competitive Scrabble and how it led him to meet his Scrabble idol.

10. Breaking out of my comfort zone, into journalism by Jensen Toussaint

Jensen Toussaint describes the anxieties he had, as an introvert, about becoming a journalist.

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