Tracking the 2023 Philadelphia municipal election

The polls have officially closed after Philadelphians spent the day casting their ballots for a number of positions at the city and statewide levels.

Philadelphians voted for a variety of city and state positions on Nov. 7. | JARED TATZ / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Updated 11/08 at 10:30 a.m.

Philadelphians voted today to determine the city’s 100th mayor, multiple City Council seats, the sheriff, city commissioner, city controller and register of wills and one ballot measure. 

There are also three state positions on the ballot, with a State Supreme Court Justice seat, a Commonwealth court seat and two Superior Court seats open.

The Temple News is tracking the election results for several positions. Updates will be posted below as votes are tallied:



Democrat Cherelle Parker is facing Republican David Oh to be the city’s next mayor. The race is the most expensive in Philadelphia’s history, with Democratic primary candidates spending more than $37 million in their campaigns, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Parker is currently the clear favorite to become the next mayor. Philadelphia hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1952.

Cherelle Parker (D): 73.80%

David Oh (R): 25.33%


The City Controller conducts audits of the mayor and City Council’s operations as well as the School District of Philadelphia. 

Christy Brady (D): 80.06%

Aaron Bashir (R): 19.83%


Nine candidates are running for seven City Council “at-large” seats, which represent the city as a whole. 

Isaiah Thomas (D): 16.66%

Katherine Gilmore Richardson (D): 16.03%

Rue Landau (D): 14.86%

Nina Ahmad (D): 15.60%

Jim Harrity (D): 13.15%

Drew Murray (R): 5.37%

Jim Hasher (R): 5.42%

Kendra Brooks (Working Families Party): 6.95%

Nicolas O’Rourke (Working Families Party): 5.83%


Philadelphians will vote on one ballot measure in this election. 

Question 1: Should the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to create an Office for People with Disabilities to coordinate the City’s compliance with requirements to provide access for people with disabilities to City services and programs and to otherwise provide for incorporation of the Office into the City government?

Yes: 86.12%

No: 13.88%



The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is the highest court in the state, interpreting the commonwealth’s laws and Constitution to make final legal decisions. The court currently has a 4-2 Democratic majority.

Daniel McCaffery (D): 52.97%

Carolyn Carluccio (R): 47.03%


The Superior Court handles appeals in criminal and civil cases. There are two open seats.

Jill Beck (D): 27.78%

Timika Lane (D): 25.21%

Maria Battista (R): 24.42%

Harry Smail Jr. (R): 22.59%


The Commonwealth Court deals with civil actions brought by and against the state.

Matt Wolf (D): 51.90%

Megan Martin (R): 48.10%

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