TSG elections

The Temple News encourages students to examine the TSG presidential candidates.


ast week The Temple News mentioned in the “Brusque Election” editorial that Temple Student Government’s campaigning season should be longer and more visible. Yet, with elections a week away students should make an effort to get to know the TSG presidential tickets through their campaigns, and a more personal level, through their achievements and experience.

Alexis Sachdev profiles the TSG student body presidential candidates, David Lopez and Brandon Rey Ramirez, on p. 7. In an interview with David Lopez, Sachdev points out Lopez’s longtime experience in the field of politics since middle school. Lopez notes that his key task as president will be to strengthen communication within TSG administration. Ramirez, on the other hand, sees the opportunity as president to advocate for the interest of students and to strengthen community ties between Temple and North Philadelphia.

Both candidates have something to offer for the future of Temple. As with every election, students should see this as a chance to choose a representative that resonates with their personal affiliation. This can only be done by analyzing the intentions of each candidate.

The student body president, as The Temple News has pointed out before, is often the sole student representative on a variety of administrative issues. With that in mind, The Temple News encourages students to get to know these candidates and what they stand for. Whichever way you choose, The Temple News encourages all students to vote April 3, at atlas.ocis.temple.edu/uvote12.

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