TSG still waiting for ratification signatures

Temple Student Government still needs 1,250 more signatures in order to ratify the new constitution.

TSG Parliamentarian Jon DeSantis encouraged members to get signatures from their friends and organizations at the Monday meeting. He set up a Web site, www.changefortemple.com, in order to make signing easier. Students only put their TU ID number and their name and then submit their “signature” online.

“Tell your friends and people from your organizations. It takes like five seconds,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis and executives from TSG plan to get 1,500 signatures by April 20.

Bill Bergman, Temple’s vice president of operations, also encouraged student participation when he announced that the National Collegiate Athletics Association will be releasing their report on Temple Athletics today.

The report will appear on the athletics department Web site. Students were asked to make comments. The NCAA researches how the athletic department is governed, how it handles the academic integrity of its students, and the equity it produces.  

The NCAA is responsible for recertifying college athletics every ten years.

“It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about how the university treats their athletics,” Bergman said.

TSG President Juan Galeano informed the General Assembly that applications for the TSG Supreme Court were due yesterday. The Supreme Court acts as the overseeing body to the executive branch and the Senate. The Supreme Court will determine if the Senate and executive branch are doing their jobs.

“It’s a great way to get involved next year. It’s something completely new to Temple,” Galeano said.

MCPB Events Chair Rob Tynan and Student Services Director Gina D’Annunzio  reminded TSG members that Spring Fling is coming soon. Tynan encouraged students to sign up for Penny Wars and the Scribble Dribble basketball game, two events that will occur during Spring Fling this year.

Spring Fling will be on Tuesday, April 15.

Rebecca Hale can be reached at rebecca.hale@temple.edu.

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