TSG Unveils new Constitution


Temple Student Government unveiled the new Constitution at Monday’s General Assembly meeting.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said Ashley Mabrey, TSG’s speaker.

The TSG members who worked on the Constitution were asked to stand up for recognition. They crowded around the front of the room as the other members applauded their efforts. One by one they were called to sign the Constitution.

“The people to my right helped change the Constitution, which will change future generations to come,” said Juan Galeano, TSG president.

TSG members wrote the new constitution on March 2. The Constitution completely restructures TSG. Elections, meetings and leadership positions will be very different in future years.

“It will empower the students in more ways than I think you realize,” Galeano said.

TSG still needs 1,500 signatures for the Constitution to be ratified. The Executive Board will be going around Temple’s campus trying to get signatures. They encouraged members to bring people from their organizations to sign for the ratification.

Nadine Mompremier, TSG vice president of student affairs, also had good news at the General Assembly meeting. After working very hard trying to get student to register to vote, Mompremier achieved her goal of getting more than 1,000 students to register to vote this year.  She plans of getting more people registered next year in time for the elections in November.

Elections Commissioner Alex Barnett announced that he is extending the deadline for the intent-to-run forms. Students still have the opportunity to run for the executive positions in TSG next year. The new deadline is April 4, and those interested in running should contact Barnett at tsgelect@temple.edu.

Rebecca Hale can be reached at rebecca.hale@temple.edu

Photo by Neal Santos

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