TSG Vice President of External Affairs resigns

Director of Local and Community Affairs Tajnia Hussein will lead the External Affairs team.

Larice Mejia, the Vice President of External Affairs for Temple Student Government, resigned from her position today. | JEREMY ELVAS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple Student Government Vice President of External Affairs Larice Mejia resigned from her position today in an announcement video on TSG’s Instagram.

“Discussed in all student leadership positions, we are humans and we are students first, and for this very reason, I am resigning from my position as vice president of external affairs, or now more commonly known as the Chief External Affairs Officer,” Mejia said in the video.

The External Affairs team will be led by Tajnia Hussein, TSG’s director of local and community affairs, who will recruit a new director for the vacant position, Mejia said in the announcement. 

The announcement comes after TSG passed a constitutional amendment on Sept. 15 restructuring the executive branch to address unequal distribution of workload and accountability issues. The amendment replaced the Vice President of External Affairs position with the Chief of External Affairs Officer position.

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