Unite TU VP Candidate Adrienne Hines withdraws from race

Hines withdrew after alleging she was used as a “token.”

Daniel Borine (left), junior political science and criminal justice major and presidential candidate for UniteTU speaks at the TSG Debate on Thursday in the Student Center. | SYDNEY SCHAEFER / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Vice Presidential Candidate of External Affairs for UniteTU Adrienne Hines withdrew from the campaign Friday night, alleging she was used as a “token” because she is a woman of color.

She has been nominated to be replaced by Andrea Yeakel, UniteTU’s current communications director.

Hines said in a personal statement: “Despite my qualifications and experience on this campus, during my tenure on the UniteTU campaign, I have felt like nothing more than a puppet controlled by a team that does not share the same values or beliefs as me, using me as a tool for victory.”

Hines wrote that she felt excluded from the conversation as a Black female in a majority-white campaign.

Campaign manager for UniteTU Noah Goff said the withdrawal came as a genuine surprise to his team.

“The entire campaign found out at 8:40 p.m. through a message in the staff group,” he added. “It shocked us, she never voiced her concerns to anyone on the team, even the other candidates.”

Goff added that he never felt the team had intentionally left Hines out of discussions.

“We have always listened to all different points of view,” he added. “We tried to make sure everyone felt they were encouraged to speak.”

Hines could not be reached for comment.

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