Utilize open space in Paley

The Editorial Board urges Temple to utilize open space in former library.

After years of exasperating construction, Charles Library is finally open to the public. 

For the Class of 2020, the opening of the library marks the culmination of a construction process that spanned the majority of their academic careers But the new building makes up for its lengthy timeline with architecture that is spacious, forward-thinking and grandiose.

The Temple News Editorial Board acknowledges and appreciates the unique and extravagant space, and we do not doubt that it will serve as a hub for students to innovate and collaborate for years to come.

The Editorial Board urges Temple to think carefully and strategically about how they can use Paley in the coming years. We hope that the university will utilize the partially empty building to meet the needs of schools and colleges throughout the university. 

The space could give schools that are lacking classroom space a central location to meet and learn. Or why not use this space to expand existing offices and departments, like Tuttleman Counseling services?

Paley can still be a building for students to meet, learn, socialize and create if we allow it. 

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