Voices: Are you registered to vote for Election Day?

Students at Temple University share if they are registered to vote and why.

Caitlin Navarrete

Junior musical theatre major

“Yes. I am a person of color and a woman. I feel like a lot that is going to happen in this election and in the future as well will affect how I live my life and what I can and can’t do, which I would love to have an impact on, as well as the fact that people in other countries can’t vote, so, we should exercise that right.”

Rish Abhyankar

Junior advertising major

“Yes. I am registered to vote and I am voting because if I want to make a difference with my vote, I guess that is the way I can.”

Nya Jarbah

Freshman criminal justice major

“Yes. I think it is really important to be registered because the presidency is all about the people and especially with the president that we have right now, it is very important to see him leave because right now we are not in the best case scenario.”

Jessica Stahl

Junior theatre major

“Yes. I am registered to vote. I think that voting is very important in this country especially because so many people in other countries aren’t able to vote and I think it is really important to improve our country’s leadership.”

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