Voices: How are you voting in the general election?

Students share how they are voting in the general election.

Lauren Wilcox

Junior sociology major

“I will be doing the mail-in ballot, but I think I am going to do the in-person drop-off. It is just easy honestly because the Liacouras Center is doing the in-person, so I think that is the best option for me.”

Will Shires

Junior media studies and production major

“I will be voting. I am currently still waiting for my mail-in ballot, hopefully it gets here in time. If not, I don’t know what I am going to do because I don’t have time to take off for Election Day.”

Jenna Weitman

Senior voice performance major

“I have already voted. I am a resident of New York state, so I sent in my absentee ballot early in October. I think voting is important because as Americans it’s our civil duty to cast our vote and participate in a government that demands democracy and participation. So, any part I can do to help spread my voice and others is important.”

Tiana Squires

Sophomore chemistry major

“I plan on voting, I just don’t know how. I haven’t started to look up how, but I did pass by some people signing up over on Lehigh [Street], so I will probably do that, but I’m not 100 percent sure.”

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