Voices: What is your last “normal” memory?

Students share their last “normal” memory before the pandemic began.

Kayla Gaussaint

Sophomore speech, language and hearing science major

“My last normal memory was sitting in my History and Significance of Race in America class for my [Race and Diversity] GenEd. That’s the last thing I remember.”

Ly’Nese Setorie

Junior marketing major

“My last normal memory was in the SAC, and it was a pageant reveal for the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness.” 

Dariel Watts

Senior natural sciences major

“Skateboarding at the skatepark right over there. I was trying to practice how to do an ollie, and it was nice because there were no masks and I could be near my friends and now I’m like, ‘Oh, we can’t skateboard.’”

A’Jenai Thompson

Sophomore health professions major

“My favorite normal memory from last year would be just going to the dining hall and like, just sitting with random people, talking to random people, seeing people from class and just like, going basically to chill out after we finish eating dinner and stuff.”

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