Voices: Will you be watching Temple football’s first home game?

Students share whether or not they’ll watch Temple football’s first home game on Saturday.

Mayah Harr

First-year management student

“I will not be watching the game. I would probably go to the game if we were able to.”

Steph Evans

Sophomore health professions major

“I will keep up on my phone, but I am probably not going to watch it. I do a lot of the time, just keep up with the score and just see what’s happening.”

Grace Tinneny

Junior english and criminal justice major

“I will not be watching the game on Saturday, but I usually do. I have to say, I usually keep up with Temple football, but Saturday might not be it. I usually do go to the games.”

Brian Luu

Junior accounting major

“No. I mean, if it comes with the issue going on with having too many students come out, I guess I might watch it on TV, but I think I am like a moderate fan. I watch it from time to time, but only when I see my favorite teams playing.”

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