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  • President: Tyler Lum (center), sophomore political science major and TSG’s director of Government Affairs.
  • Vice President of Services: Almas Ayaz (left), junior supply chain management major and TSG’s director of Campus Life and Diversity
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Bridget Warlea (right), junior legal studies major and speaker of Parliament


  • Unite students and the North Philadelphia community by pushing for a voting seat on the Board of Trustees, raising awareness of available resources for LGBTQIA+ and transfer students and survivors of sexual assault or misconduct
  • Make Temple more sustainable, allocate space for students in crisis situations, expand professional development services, reform TSG’s Ethics Board and establish a TSG communications team
  • Advocate for students by promoting mental health services, creating affordable housing and implementing active shooter drills



  • President: Danny Borine (center), junior political science and criminal justice major
  • Vice President of Services: Venise Salcedo (left), junior public health major
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Adrienne Hines (right), junior political science major


  • Support students by advocating for ADA regulations in older facilities, providing scholarships for students who are refugees, making college more affordable for all students and promoting scholarships for students with unpaid internships
  • Improve resources for students struggling with mental and physical illness, survivors of sexual assault or misconduct, students with substance use disorders, students who identify as LGBTQIA+ and students facing housing or food insecurity
  • Be accountable by improving the university’s relationship with the North Philadelphia community and expand existing community resources



  • President: Gadi Zimmerman (right), junior financial planning major, president of Challah for Hunger
  • Vice President of Services: Trent Reardon (left), junior public health major and TSG’s promotions manager
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Cameron Kaczor (center), sophomore psychology major and TSG’s secretary


  • Enhance campus safety, resources for students with mental illness and substance use disorders and the university’s sustainability efforts
  • Amplify student voices about mental illness and food and housing insecurity, and community voices by continuing monthly forums and advocating for “transparency” from the administration in discussions about the proposed on-campus stadium
  • Empower student organizations by reforming weekly General Assembly meetings and Parliament by providing the body a budget and eliminating the Speaker of Parliament position

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