Wingard expected to resign on Friday, university announces

The Board of Trustees will designate a small group of senior Temple leaders to govern the university.

Former President Jason Wingard resigned on March 31. | NOEL CHACKO / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple University’s Board of Trustees has accepted President Jason Wingard’s resignation, Board of Trustees Chairman Mitchell Morgan wrote in a message to the Temple community Tuesday.

“As we enter this new phase for Temple, your engagement and collaboration will be critical to our efforts to emerge stronger and more united as an institution, and a community, than ever before,” Morgan wrote.

Wingard is expected to resign on March 31. The Board will designate a small group of senior officials to lead the university as the search for a new president begins.

His expected departure came as the university faced mounting pressure regarding safety concerns following the death of Sgt. Christopher Fitzgerald and a TUGSA strike that lasted 42 days and drew the ire of many state and federal lawmakers.

Wingard and other senior university officials were expected to face a no-confidence vote during the week of April 10 over concerns about the university’s handling of safety issues and the TUGSA strike. 

“Given the urgent matters now facing the University, particularly campus safety, the Board and the administration will ensure the highest level of focus on these serious issues,” Morgan wrote. “We understand that a concerted and sustained effort must be undertaken as we attempt to solve these problems.”

Wingard was named university president in June 2021 following the departure of former Temple President Richard Englert. He was the university’s first Black president.

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