With Rocky reference, sophomore wins Peanut Chews contest

The student plans to share winnings with Philabundance.

The first time that Andrew Arbitell heard about the Peanut Chews billboard writing contest was in professor Joe Glennon’s Introduction to Copywriting class.

Arbitell, a sophomore advertising major, said he wrote about 20 different headlines once Glennon explained the contest in more detail.

“I originally was thinking of using a sports reference, but I realized that everyone is not into sports and they may not understand the headline,” Arbitell said. “That’s when I started thinking about popular Philadelphia landmarks.”

Arbitell instantly thought of Rocky and of the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum steps and how its now a tradition to run up them and throw your arms up when reaching the top.

He would eventually come up with the headline: “Enjoyed when the Rocky steps were just steps.” Throughout April, his winning headline was displayed over Interstate 95 near the Cottman Avenue exit.

“When I showed my mom the headline, she guaranteed that I would win,” Arbitell said. “I felt very confident in my chances. I felt that my headline was unique, on message and was recognizable.”

For his winning entry, Arbitell received a year’s supply of Peanut Chews. Former Philadelphia Eagle Ron Jaworski pulled up to the corner of 13th Street and Polett Walk on Main Campus on April 11 in a 1967 VW Microbus to deliver Arbitell his prize, according to the School of Media and Communication website.

Arbitell said he has always loved Peanut Chews and plans to share some with his friends and family while donating the rest to hunger-relief organization Philabundance.

“To receive a year’s supply is awesome,” Arbitell said. “However, I would feel guilty if I kept them all to myself.”

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