A junior journalism major writes an ode to Bisexual Awareness Week.


I’ve been dying to see the

Leaves fall and

Nights change

To bring about

Some better days,

But all I seem to see

Are rays of heat

And winter rain.

And I know in my heart

The nights might not

Be much better with you.

I know I’ll still see

Some chilly beach

With my lover and a drink

Both in arm’s reach

And I’ll wake up and find

That I’m still sweating in

Your room.

But, what the hell,

You know it’s fun to dream

About crazy hearts

And silly things,

And baby if you’d miss me,

Well, I guess I’ll have

To miss you too.

It’s fun until it’s not

And it’s funny ‘til

The laughter stops.

I try to cheer myself back up

With a pretty scotch on rocks

And dust myself off with

Last night’s

Crotchless knickerbocks

Before she puts ‘em on

And moseys on her way.

Maybe I’m just a drunk old man

With a drunken,


Master plan,

But most nights I just feel

Like falling asleep with


It’s a long shot

From all the things we’ve dreamt,

But that’s for another night

And another lament,

Because tonight I just feel

Like falling asleep with




Love that can’t be


Hey, Porter,

Shout it from the

P.A. system so that

The whole damn world

Can hear I love you,


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