Yumtown debuts a seasonal special, ‘The Leafblower’

One truck found on campus offers natural, locally grown ingredients.

Illustration Katie Kalupson | TTN

Lanie Belmont, co-owner of the Yumtown food truck, believes diners should appreciate the crops that are grown naturally in their area. Seasonal specials on the menu, like this fall’s “Leafblower,” showcase flavors that represent the agriculture of Pennsylvania at the time of year they debut on the menu.

The entire menu at Yumtown, which she opened with Andrew Tantisunthorn in Fall 2011, is comprised of crops from local farms.

“The food that we buy for ourselves is [organic],” Belmont said of the dietary standards she and Tantisunthorn maintain personally. “We wanted to treat the sandwiches that [we sell] the same way.”

Although Belmont said she has seen many restaurants adopt the idea as part of a new craze to minimize carbon footprints of food consumption, she believes food trucks like Yumtown make locally grown, organic food more accessible to the general public.

“There are so many great small farms around,” Belmont said. “We’re trying to bring the source of the food closer to the public.”

Belmont and Tantisunthorn work with Common Market, a food provider that connects them directly to areas just outside of Philadelphia.

Belmont said the ‘Leafblower’ has become a favorite among her customers since appearing on the menu as the fall special.

“It’s been selling out every day we’ve offered it,” Belmont said.

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  1. I love Yumtown, but I haven’t been able to find it on campus for weeks. It is my favorite truck. It used to be in front of the Tyler School. Has it relocated? Where can I find it?

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