Another Columbine-related message found in Gladfelter, officials not taking it as a threat

Officials said handwriting different from threatening message found in March.

Less than a week after reports emerged that officials found a threatening message in Gladfelter Hall in March relating to the Columbine High School shootings, another message was found Tuesday on the seventh floor of the hall referring to Columbine, police said.

Tuesday’s message read “Rebirth of Columbine,” in very small print, but officials aren’t treating it as a threat, said Deputy Director of Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone, who added that the handwriting is “completely different” from March’s message. He said he believes the two aren’t related.

March’s threat was written in a Gladfelter Hall bathroom and referenced the Columbine shootings, threatening to bring a similar situation to Main Campus on April 20. The incident has led to joint efforts between Temple Police, Philadelphia Police, Philadelphia Police’s Homeland Security Unit and the FBI to maintain security on campus and continue the ongoing investigation.

CSS is investigating the message.

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