Harvest Weekend has Hot Cider and Live Music

Philadelphia parks department hosts an event with activities for adults and children.

Glass shop offers a discount on glass decorative pumpkins and strawberries at the Center City District Parks’ Harvest Weekend. | THE TEMPLE NEWS / EARL KUFEN

Center City District Parks hosted their annual Harvest Weekend featuring different activities for both children and adults. The event included hay mazes and more than 60 vendors ranging from homemade jewelry to alcoholic juice. People gathered around to listen to DJs and local bands while enjoying the festivities with their friends and family.  

The Philly Tarot Deck sold printed tarot cards celebrating Philadelphia by replacing the original images with famous Philadelphians. For example, the Temperance card, which represents bringing calmness and moderation, had Philadelphia 76ers player Joel Embiid printed on it.  

Vanessa Banks and Paige Melin from Buffalo, New York, who are visiting Philadelphia, were shopping and sightseeing different city landmarks like the Liberty Bell and Reading Terminal Market, when they found themselves at the event. 

Although they didn’t buy anything, Banks and Melin spent their time people watching and enjoying the pumpkin ale sold by the local vendors.  

Valerie Pollak, an out-of-town attendee from Pittsburgh owns and operates The Painted Carrot, a small business that sells watercolor prints and painted pots. She started a small business before the pandemic to help raise money for her mom, who needed money for ALS treatment.  

While her company is based in Pittsburgh, she drove nearly five hours to Dilworth Park to sell painted pots, coloring books, and watercolor prints.   

“The coloring books I made these when she was sick to raise money for her home care and the rest the of the money went to The ALS Association,” Pollack said, in reference to her mother.  

Dixon O’Banion, a student visiting from New York University, came to the event to explore the local Halloween scene with his girlfriend, Caylee Honda, a nurse who works at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The two enjoyed waffle fries and pumpkin beers from the stand, but mostly the presence of each other.

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