Laurel Hill Cemetery hosts spooky market

Oddities, artwork, vintage clothing and unusual antiques were just some of the items sold at Saturday’s Gone But Not Forgotten: Market of the Macabre event at the 182-year-old Laurel Hill Cemetery in Northwest Philadelphia.

“The setting in the cemetery is just the perfect fit, it really draws in a great crowd,” said Neil Jones, co-owner of Mz. Jones’ Curiosities, an oddities and wearable taxidermy shop that sells cow eye globes, framed bats and a gumball machine that dispensed mini oddities like teeth, wings and bones.

The eerie setting and odd items attracted people from across the city.

“It’s a beautiful spot,” said Tala Cox, 33, as she shopped for vintage dresses.

Jessi Hardesty sold handmade wood carvings inspired by her love for grave-lore and cemetery history at the market. “It just seemed like the perfect place for my stuff to be,” she said.

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