Marchiony: Broad Street Music Group Prepares To Launch

From Below Ground Venues to Underground Musicians, columnist Victoria Marchiony talks with Broad Street Music Group CEO Dave Silver.

Tori Marchiony

If you were around from the spring semester of 2012 forward, you may remember hearing about Broad Street Music Lounge, the open mic turned concert series that began in fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi’s basement. Since then, the entrepreneurial fraternity brothers have graduated Tori Marchionyfrom Temple and turned their part-time hobby into a full-time job. Now operating as Broad Street Music Group (LLC), CEO Dave Silver and his team of about 15 associates are running a multifaceted entertainment agency catering specifically to undiscovered musicians in the Philadelphia area.

“BSMG has the in-house resources to propel any unsigned artist into their dream career. Establishing exclusive partnerships with local radio stations, recording studios, and music focused websites, BSMG is able to offer out-of-house services as well to select artists in order to provide the highest quality resources at the lowest possible price point,” Silver said.

From booking and recording to promotion and media management, BSMG has cultivated an arsenal of industry partnerships to catapult new talent into the spotlight. BSMG has had a busy summer producing four showcases per week throughout the season and there are no signs of slowing down.

The company will celebrate its official launch with a huge event on Aug. 17 at Sigma Sound Studios. Sponsored by WIRED 96.5 as well as Press & Release Printing and Reminded. Me, the evening will feature 18 performers including headliners Mic Stew, Halfro, Matt Wade and Christian Express and host eight local business vendors.

Guests will enjoy roll the red carpet treatment complete with professional photo shoots in front of the customized sponsored backdrops, free company t-shirts, a complementary mix tape of the night’s acts, and free transportation to and from the event provided by Uber for those who downloads the app and enter the BSMG promo code.

If all of this sounds outrageously professional for a start-up, that’s because it is.

“There was a point between the fraternity basement and getting our first venue in the city that I thought the idea was dead,” Silver said.
After about a month away from the project, it was clear that the idea was too good to waste, so they jumped back in full-force.
“Once I made a connection to get our first show, it has all been “down-hill” from there,” he said.

This is just the beginning for BSMG and the company’s bright future includes the Aug. 29 show “KNARLEY BASH” at Sigma Sound Studios which has already pre-sold more than 200 tickets, as well as a music festival in September featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

BSMG is poised to take the Philadelphia music scene by storm, and its rapid growth is just as much of a surprise to its founders as anyone.

“Never did I think I would be running a production/booking agency out of college, but here I am. And I’m really glad I’m here. Between myself and the rest of my team, we are all so satisfied to be able to give the opportunities to these musicians who are just looking for a chance to chase their dreams,” Silver said.

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