Movers & Shakers is our tribute to you, Temple

The Editorial Board encourages students to continue giving back to the Temple community.

Movers & Shakers is our annual issue dedicated to people who make waves in their communities. 

In this year’s edition, The Temple News focused on featuring the students and faculty who make our university tick from behind the scenes. We centered our attention on the people who our readers may not already know. We asked you to nominate your friends and colleagues — anyone who is making a difference and deserves recognition for their work.

From students who volunteer with young people in the North Philadelphia community to others developing strategies to help those who struggle with anxiety or addiction, Temple is filled with inspiration and ideas. And it’s students who are leading the way.

The Editorial Board encourages Temple students and faculty to keep giving, dreaming and doing to contribute their strengths to the university and our surrounding community. We will continue our goal of ensuring that this important work does not go unnoticed, but instead is amplified for our community and city. 

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