Name degrades softball

Oversight is no excuse for an offensive team name like “Co-ed = Mo’ head.”

Oral sex jokes will never go out of style, but there is a time and place for them. Ninth grade sex-ed class, for example. Not on co-ed recreational softball team T-shirts.  But, I saw an entire co-ed intramural softball team wearing T-shirts that read, in bright yellow letters, “Co-ed = Mo’ head.”

Contrary to what some may think, this is not as innocent as some might claim. This type of language is both sexist and immature, particularly when demonstrated at a function that serves to blend men and women as equals in relation to sports, a goal that has been hard to accomplish.

To wear a shirt that disrespects women at a sports function also disrespects the sport and undermines what universities attempt to accomplish by providing co-recreational sports. That is, to think of men and women as athletically equal.

This team name is not only worn by an entire softball team, it is registered as the official team name on Temple’s Campus Recreation 2009 intramural softball schedule.

Director of Campus Recreation Steve Young said in the rush to create schedules after registration deadlines have passed, inappropriate team names are sometimes unintentionally overlooked. He said if a team name is blatantly offensive and the department catches it, teams are forced to change the name.

“This one, I believe, was an oversight,” Young said about the “Co-ed = Mo’ head” team name.
This might also explain another distasteful team name on the schedule, “The D.C. Snipers.”

But Young goes on to explain that while Campus Recreation can regulate team names to some extent, it can’t stop them from wearing the T-shirts.

“We’ll take responsibility for not catching the team name,” Young said, “but when they put the shirts on…we’d be hard-pressed to get involved in censorship.”

While Campus Recreation should have noticed the team name and prevented it from being registered, the responsibility lies mostly with the students wearing the shirts.

“When I first saw [the shirts], I was really offended,” said Kate Cody, a junior kinesiology major and former high school softball player. “I feel like [softball] is a sport that has become a woman’s sport. It’s like a slap in the face.”

Cody plays for a co-recreational intramural softball team at Temple and saw the shirts after a game a few weeks ago.

“No one has really been offended by the team name,” said Joe Soloski, captain of the “Co-ed = Mo’ head” team, via Facebook. “Some girls think it’s gross…but most people have just laughed.”

Gross? More like disgusting. While intramural softball is just a recreational game to pass the time and stay in shape, it shouldn’t be a free-for-all.

I’ve played softball for the past 12 years, and there was a time when it was one of the most important things in my life. This team name makes a mockery of female athletes and makes Temple look like a careless university.

“If someone came up to me and said [the team name] offended them,” Soloski said. “I would tell them to relax…it’s just a creative team name for softball, and if you’re offended, then I am sorry that you are that uptight.”

For the sake of female athletes everywhere, I hope others are just as “uptight” as I am.

Leah Mafrica can be reached at .


  1. I respect your opinion but let’s be real, aren’t there more important issues to tackle than the lettering on an intramural softball t-shirt? It seems as though you are trying to take a small joke and morph it into an enormous ordeal that has a huge effect on our society and Temple’s campus.

    Bottom line: relax.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the girl who you interviewed was on the team that we crushed, so that is just a bias opinion right there.

    For all the Co-Ed = Mo’ Head supporters out there, our road to the championship continues tonight at 6:30 p.m. on the turf field next to the track, behind the pavilion. See you there!

  2. I’ve played softball my entire life, including 4 years of competitive travel softball and I’m not offended. After all, Temple prides itself on diversity and implicit in that diversity is the protection of all forms of expression… including the unpopular forms.

  3. Oral sex is solely an act of sexual expression – in and of itself, it has no negative connotation. The only negative connotation it has is a result of females themselves thinking they are somehow lesser beings for getting down on their knees. If females take pride in the sexual pleasure they provide, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Rather, I believe I’m referring more specifically to feminists. It seems as though they are ashamed of providing pleasure for a man … when the entire act of coitus should be nothing but a mutually shared pleasurable experience.

  4. all that was accomplished by this article is bringing more attention to the team’s name in general; more people thinking it’s hilarious and less people trying to start a revolution against a softball team.. shouldn’t the temple news concentrate on more important issues?

  5. I laughed pretty hard at the DC Snipers comment. Seriously, chill out and just know that they aren’t trying to be sexist or chauvinistic, that’s just some really funny stuff.

  6. I believe the name of the softball team is simply combining two of America’s greatest hobbies, softball and oral sex. I mean honestly who doesnt like either one of those things. It was all fun and games until someone had to go and write an article about it which made it into some big deal which it isn’t. Im a huge Mo’Head fan and have been following them throughout the season. Good luck tonight yall!! And Allison from White Hall… Whats up? haha

  7. It’s true that oral sex is not necessarily something to be incredible ashamed of or offended by. It is also true that oral sex has absolutely nothing to do with softball. Whether you “love giving head” or not, saying “Co-ed = Mo’ head” implies that men and women cannot separate a sporting event from an act of coitus, which is a disturbing thought. The issue here is not solely the fact that one intramural softball team gave themselves a possibly-offensive name, it is the fact that sports can still so easily be sexually degrading towards women – a huge leap backwards in regards to any feminist movement (even sexuality-embracing ones) made in the past.

  8. I want to point out that being a co-ed team, if the girls playing in and wearing the shirts are not offended, then how can it come off as degrading. People are entitled to their opinions and that’s fine, but when girls themselves are sporting the “offensive” team name then you can’t just single out the slogan as a male bias. It’s almost like the people who are complaining should look twice and see that they have to be upset with both the males and the females on the field.

  9. The team name is tacky. The writer of the article is completely within the bounds of rationality to be offended by it. The team is clearly okay with the name, and obviously pretty proud of it. The act of oral sex is not offensive, but the name suggests that every girl playing is going to be on their knees in the dugout waiting to put their male cohorts bats in their mouths out of gratitude for a chance to play with the big boys.

    If everyone would take a look at the top of this article, it is filed under commentary/opinion. This is one person’s opinion, and she is using the voice she has worked hard to acquire to voice it. She has not passed around any petitions, or organized any rallies to get the team’s name changed. She was simply being a journalist, and hoped to point something out, that may have gone unnoticed. I would hardly call forming an argument to a point making a huge deal of something. Looks like she’s not the one who needs to gain a little perspective.

  10. The underlying assumption the author makes is that ‘head’ only pertains to felatio and, further, that it’s done soley by women. But consider that the slang ‘head’ applies equally to both men and women, felatio and cunnilingus. If ‘the team’ was wearing the shirts, I assume the women of the squad decided to wear them as well, perhaps in celebration of the intermingling of the sexes and all that entails?

  11. I think that this is an excellent article, and it is definately an issue. I’m sure there are tons of more important subjects to write about, but this is for temple news and this is an issue at temple so i think its perfect for the paper. Every one has a right to their own opinion and i share this opinion with Leah. I think that the shirt is very degrading. If I saw some one wearing this shirt I would automatically assume that the females like to put their stuff out their and would be considered “easy” and the men were just typical men who were into sex and nothing more. If thats what your going for as college students thats fine, but i wouldn’t bring it into a sport where some peoples passions are. As for the name the DC snipers, I’m from that area and i had to deal with worrying about getting shot at, its also not a funny name, you have no idea how that event impacted many peoples lives, so while some may find it funny others do find it offensive and you should respect their opinions and not tell them to relax and call them uptight just apologize that your sense of humor may be different than others, but trying to be professional in college is kind of important so maybe think better before naming your team so thoughtlessly. i think its great many supporters stick up for their team but at the same time take a step back and realize, support the team not the name, cuz that says something about yourselves as well.

  12. I just had to comment on the responses! I laughed my butt off! As a Mom of one of the Mo’Head players, I have to tell you, life is too short, learn to laugh, stop being so sensitive and have fun! Go get-em Co-Ed = Mo’Head!! Allison, you will soon be the most popular girl on campus…..

    p.s. and to my little team player, your shirt is all nice and clean for the game 🙂

  13. As a player on Coed = Mo’ Head, I am here to tell whoever is offended by this that I have problem with you. First of all, the person who wrote this article did so in a manner which was irresponsible. She facebook inboxed our team captain and asked questions, with no indication that she was going to bash him. He was under the impression she was just writing an article about all the softball intramural teams. Well here is the thing. This irresponsible reporter would have a point if the name was intended to offend people. It most certainly is not. As a matter of fact, not one of the 7 girls on our softball team has a problem with it. Numerous other girls have read them and laughed. Upon seeing them, one girl even said, “Hey, that is hilarious. Where can I get one?”…The fact that most people think the team name is funny is being overshadowed by a minority group of people who find it offensive. So unless you have a legitimate number of people who find this degrading, mind your own business.

    630 at the turf tonight, coed = mo’head plays in the quarters. bring 10 bucks, we’ll order you a shirt.

  14. I don’t even go to Temple so I guess I cannot comment on the diversity there, but when I heard the team name, all I could do is laugh. Not only is it witty and hilarious, but it is also very creative and clever. You should be thanking these people on the team, especially this Joe Soloski character, for his imaginative ways. I agree with the people who are saying you are drawing even more attention to it now by doing this. It seems like someone of your stature would be able to figure this out. From the article Soloski states that he is sorry if it offends anyone, so you clearly know he did not mean it out of harm, but out of good fun. I think this is a mockery of Temple News. I hope the team wins tonight and even though I will not be attending, I will be rooting for Co-ed = Mo’ Head in my heart. Wear the t-shirts proudly and maybe if its possible, send me one Joe haha

  15. Honestly, the coed=mo head shouldn’t of been allowed on the register. The fact that D.C. snipers was allowed showes that the school just overlooked it though. If i’m not allowed to make 911 jokes clearly dc sniper is a little offensive too. What i think everyone is forgetting is that from a news perspective the opinion article had to be filled with something. Yes, maybe its just a joke and people who get extremely offended by it should chill out, but theres a difference between a casual joke and a university team sport’s name.

  16. Softball has long been a team building sport for women. Co-ed has brought men and women together onto the same field . Being a part of many teams, including softball teams, co-ed and solely female, I am familiar with what playing on a co-ed team brings to the field. There is a sense of comfort and trust that you need to play at your best with your teammates by your side. I simply would not feel comfortable or proud wearing a shirt like that. I want to be proud of the name that is displayed across my chest while I play. That, I would not be proud of.
    If co-ed softball is the only way men can get girls and have to represent that through team name, then that is understandable. Men love receiving oral sex and girls like giving oral sex, i’m not denying that. But thats not what softball is about. Softball is a sport that is publicly watched and loved by everyone. Oral sex, while it may be just as popular is something that is done behind closed doors. When a sexual act becomes a recognized Olympic sport let me know… but for now I would rather concentrate on the game and less about the guys on that team trying to get “mo’head.”
    We’re 3-0 hopefully we will see you in the playoffs, weather permitting.

  17. In regard to Timothy J Shanahan Jr, I wasn’t aware that an army of people agreeing with you is required to voice your opinion. Here i was thinking independent thought, even if it sometimes is unpopular, is something to be valued. Thanks for enlightening me. You’ll go far.

  18. Katelyn,

    Oral sex can be both delivered and received by both male and female. I flag your comment as sexist and offensive to males.

  19. Athletes have not always had the privilege to play alongside their opposite-sex counterparts, and the integration of sports amongst sex and race was monumental. The integration of co-ed sports I feel was an enormous step in female equality. I think the team name “Co.Ed. = Mo’ Head” is not only a trashy team name, but it is also one that is highly susceptible to being misinterpreted. It does not mean someone is “uptight” to take offense to it. How does that connotate to prance around in a jersey that basically says that the females on your team get the guys off? It’s degrading and disgusting, especially for female athletes whose presence on a sports team has somehow become parallel to the sexual favors they provide.

    It goes without saying that from a feminist perspective that the team name not only carries a demeaning undertone, but that it is only serving to perpetuate the stereotypes female athletes have worked so hard to destroy.

  20. Jenn,

    To compare our team name to the women rights and civil rights movement is preposterous. Fail.

  21. I want to address some people who commented:
    Dana, first off if you believe this is a huge step back in feminist movements then you have your own gender to blame for that. The women on Mo’Head have sported the team name on their shirts all season without complaining once. Oh and the last time I checked men and women both give and receive oral sex.
    To Mona: How do you know the men aren’t in the dugout waiting to munch? Think about that while ya watch Oprah.
    Mom of Mo’Head: Im tryna chill.

  22. I am more offended by the blatant lack of creativity. So “Mo’ head” we are to assume has to deal with a spoof of “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” What does Biggie have to do with softball?

    And as for the “Mo’ head” I assume the women are expected to give these services while their team is up to bat? It seems like public head giving would definitely make for Mo’ Problems.

    That’s the best you got?

  23. Jenn: take this a little more seriously why don’t you. It’s a softball team name. Both men and women give and receive oral sex, besides you. Disgusted you may be, but be disgusted at both the men and women sporting the jerseys.

  24. In regard to Mona, at no point did I say it was not okay to voice your opinion. And independent thought is something to be valued, I completely agree with you. The point of my comment was that the person who wrote the article went about it in an irresponsible fashion. She unfairly exposed my team captain, my best friend, whom she has never met and knows nothing about. She could have easily called him and requested an interview, seeing as his phone number is listed right next to his name on the sheet she got his name from. At least meet him personally rather than take advantage of him through a facebook inbox. This situation is no different than Obama going on late night television and making his special olympics comment. He knew what he was saying, but he did not intend to offend anybody. Neither did our captain. In both situations, it was merely a joke. Whether it be one of poor taste is irrelevant.

  25. Tara: A. Biggie has nothing to do with softball, you pulled that out of your ass.
    B. It is clearly the most creative team name in the league.
    C. You are a sexist individual and need to realize that women receive oral sex too.

  26. Tara,

    The name has absolutely nothing to do with Biggie (R.I.P.), it just simply rhymes. Way to ruin any type of argument that you were attempting to make. I stopped reading after your first sentence.

  27. and yes, women can also receive oral sex…consider this before responding negatively…being overly sensitive is becoming a problem in this country

  28. To the writer of the article:
    I’m sorry to hear you felt this way, but if it weren’t this name it would have been “We Got the Runs,” but as a team we decided against it because we did not want to offend those opposed to huge shits. Sorry you have a problem with it.

  29. As an aspiring journalist, and an employee at one of the most reputable radio stations on the east coast, AND a member of Coed= Mo’Head, I am disappointed in the way this was written. As for mona, the hard work she has done to acquire this voice will be irrelevant if she continues to gain her information dishonestly. This is not hard work. This is lazy reporting, and I am personally astonished that in the aftermath of the Strawberry Mansion story, that a Temple journalism student would be dishonest to a source (not to say that shannon mcdonald did anything wrong, I’m focusing more on the controversial side) regardless that its an editorial. If you’re writing headlines to make headlines, than maybe you should write an editorial on something that matters.

  30. I have worked for intramural’s at Temple for 3 years, played softball for 14 years and I have am not offended at all. Joe is right. Its creative and funny. Life should be taken so seriously. Live Laugh Love <3

  31. All i was trying to do was create a funny team name that involved men and women in it. It was not intended to harm anyone or offend anyone. I think women are equal to men its just funny to have a team name like that. And by the way, Im friends with all the girls on my team and do not expect head from any of them its simply a humorous joke. So if you feminist girls want to make a controversy about this than you can go suck a dick. pun intended.

  32. Brendan F. is batting like .067 i heard. and co ed=mo head is great. Brendan, step yo game up.

  33. To Mom of a Mo’Head, when your little MO’HEAD comes home and says that she has AIDS will that be the time to laugh, HUM

  34. I’m sick of reading all the feminist responses that assume the name is only speaking in regards to degrading women. Wake up and realize that the name applies to both sexes, male and female.

    Dee Dee, your blatant disregard to assume that the child of the Mo’Head mom is female is outrageous. Plus I assume you have kids so how do you know your kids are so perfect that they wouldn’t come home and say the same thing.

    The women bad mouthing the team and the males on it need to bad mouth their own sex and the women who wear the SAME name on their shirts. Feminists need to see what their own sex does and wears before they go off on huge rampages claiming that it is always the males fault. Everyone is clearly at fault here who wears the shirt, but it’s a co-ed intramural softball team. The only way this entire thing should have started is if a professional athlete or even a renowned political figure said or wore the same logo.

    I do not mind the opinions of everyone on here, but blatantly making the males look like the bad guys is a sad assumption that makes you look like the bad guy.

  35. “Bitch, Make Me A Sandwich” would have been the name I came up with, but “Co-ed = Mo’ head” is pretty good too.

  36. First off, Dee Dee, you’re a moron. Mo’Head mom has a boy on the team, and for suggesting that because our team name is Co-ed= Mo’ed, that we’re all running around giving oral sex to anyone that comes by, in such a way that we might contract AIDS is ridiculous. You will never see anyone in the dugout “on their knees” or whatever bullshit was said, the shirts were jokes. We stick to giving/receiving oral sex with only our romantic partners, behind closed doors. Second off, I would consider myself a female athlete and in no way did I even think twice about the shirts, its funny. We wear them to play in an intramural softball league that we all play in for fun. Also, not only did the author of the article go about interviewing the captain, and also one of my best friends, and also one of my oldest friends from high school, in an unprofessional matter, she failed to do her research properly. There are several other suggestive names in intramural leagues, for example, “recing balls, rim jobs and dingle berries” but I, along with the rest of my friends, can take and understand a joke. So in the future, lets not translate things so literally and understand that we’re in college and jokes are going to be made.

  37. Yeah, since its just intramural, it doesn’t mean anything, you know, just like giving head.

    While the name is funny, it is pretty classless. As much as everyone likes to pretend that sexism doesn’t exist anymore, it still does. I’m not saying this is 1950, I’m saying when someone says ‘mo’head’, a lot of people are going to think ‘blow job’, especially in the context of a female-dominated sport like softball. This wouldn’t matter except that women are still very much seen as sex objects. Men are to some extent, but this is nowhere near as prevalent as women being used as sex objects. Check out most advertising. Yes, all the girls on the team agreed to it and its only an intramural team, but this doesn’t erase sexist undertones to it.

  38. “recing balls, rim jobs and dingle berries”? Is everyone on these teams a middle school boy?

  39. Boo,

    OF COURSE IT DOESN’T ERASE SEXUAL UNDERTONE’S, that’s the whole point of the team name, to be a sexual undertone and to get a good laugh. NO ONE is denying that it’s a sexual undertone. We are just saying that the name does not merit this type of reaction.

  40. I just thought i’d let you guys know that Co-ed=Mo’head’s season is done. Their team sucks ass and were eliminated by the dominating “Angels in the Bedroom” this evening =D

  41. I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as saying “sucking ass”, that’s a little graphic, I don’t know about all that. Anyway, we made it to the final four, we’re happy. We spread the co-head = mo’head message and stirred things up a bit. We never bragged or claimed to be the best team, we just claimed to have the best name and t-shirts (I do like “Angels in the Bedroom” though).

  42. Men like watching football because there’s none of this feminist crap in it. If there was a football team that had a sexist name, like the Cowboys, nobody bitches about it. Just get over the spilled milk and clean up damnit!

  43. As a female athlete my entire life i have to say, i think it’s funny and i don’t take any offense to it at all. Oh, and props to the rhyming, very creative. (i’m also an art student)

  44. I for one love team names like dingle berries and co head-mo head. keep up the good works, and lighten up ladies its INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL.

  45. YO! The only reason you ftards are bashing the article is because you’re either ON the team or friends with people on the team. So you’re being biased and shouldn’t even waste your time commenting. Another thing, to the person who mentioned something about Leah being a lesbian (by the way, notice how i spelled lesbiAn, not lesbiEn) is completely irrelevant, immature and stupid. You should never bring something up to TRY and make your point stronger by saying something negative about somebody. That’s just common sense and something you should have picked up along the way. Oh btw go look up a picture of a crew cut, Leah definitely does not have one.

    Nobody cares that your team name is Co-Ed = Mo’ Head!!!! Girls, keep being the H– that you are and keep giving head, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  46. Drew, I said nothing negative about Leah as person, simply that she didnt do her research thoroughly enough. As for you calling me, and the six other girls on the team “H-“‘s (Hoes?) you really should get a grip. Go read my previous comment, about none of acting out in that manner. And obviously someone cares enough to write an entire article in the temple news paper about our name, or else it wouldnt have been published. Dont try and come at our(the girls on the team) character’s, when in reality you have no clue what you’re saying. “Whatever makes us feel better about ourselves” get real dude.

  47. Stop being assholes. Leah is a good journalist and a good friend of mine. I think it’s total bullshit that this comments page has turned into people going back and forth insulting her. She is ALLOWED to speak her mind you morons. No one ever erected a statue to a critic, so keep talking.

  48. I called you hoes because, to me, by wearing that shirt that’s how you seem! nuff said i’m not going back and forth on here all night, you can’t change my opinion! 🙂

  49. And if this absurdity persists, I will come to Philadelphia and take an enormous crap on each and every one of you.

  50. does wanting equal pay for men and women make me a femenist? well then I guess i am one says:

    i would just like to point out the fact that people are blowing this OPINION way out of proportion and are really starting to take offense to the original…offense. the journalist was just trying to point out that sexism still exists. as much as people say that it doesn’t, it still does. if the title was a racist name for a team, people would take offense and would have it changed immediately. but still, issues against sexism are not taken as serious as issues against racism (and i am in no way saying that one is more important than the other, sexism and racism are both wrong)
    also, girls on the team, no one is directly saying that you are sucking the boys on that teams dicks(just speculation), but the shirt does speak for itself(and i know when someone says head they mean blow job, not cunnilingus as well), and I as a female would not want to be represented by that
    also, cracking jokes and making judgments about the journalist’s possible sexuality makes you no better than some (not all of) the people you are trying to help defend and it is not the best way to, nor the most mature way to rebuttal her argument

  51. i am so irritated.
    it’s one thing to criticize articles, but it’s another to criticize the writer. people had no better arguements than to bash the writer about irrelevant matters.
    like why does it automatically become sexual just because guys and girls are on the same team? i don’t even think this has to be a feminist issue, the matter of the fact is you people are calling yourselves hoes. everyone on this team is so trashy, their names are all probably felicia!

    milk me!

  52. As much as Leah Mafrica’s opinion is well written, and she is more than entitled to it, she needs to relax. Why does ‘ Co-Ed= Mo-Head ‘ have to be sexist? Head can refer to oral sex received by a man OR a woman. So really, the sexual connotation could go either way. As the author herself says, “Intramural softball is just a recreational game to pass the time and stay in shape…” and if the players of Co-Ed= Mo-Head are living up to their name on and off the field, more power to you, Tim Shanahan & Joe Soloski.
    As a writer for Temple News, Leah Mafrica has great power to decide what IMPORTANT issues are brought to the attention of the student body. She should choose wisely next time.

  53. “As a writer for Temple News, Leah Mafrica has great power to decide what IMPORTANT issues are brought to the attention of the student body. She should choose wisely next time”

    I don’t even understand what an important issue is anymore, and why everyone says this isn’t one. This is an opinion article about a current topic. There also needs to be diversity in what is published, I don’t know why everyone expects to read 900 opinions on the SAME IMPORTANT TOPIC OMGGGG. I think everyone else needs to relax. If you don’t think the topic is important then don’t comment on how it is unimportant. No one is taping your eyelids open and forcing you to read it. JEEEEEZE

  54. Stevie J.
    I didnt know you were a “writer”? ha.
    And Jon Balant… are YOU the one giving steve head?

  55. For everyone who is still arguing about the name’s promulgation of sexism, I have two words: Title IX (or 9 for those of you who don’t know roman numerals).

    Look it up and quit your bitchin’: Uncle Sam and the national treasury says everyone’s equal.

  56. this is an opinion piece and is just encouraging all temple students to be a little more conscious/thoughtful about our actions; leah was trying to generate discussion so obviously, she was successful.


    to the people getting super defensive and angry, or making personal attacks against leah, let me assure you, this article does not threaten you in anyway. as is stated in the article, no one can tell you you can’t wear a co-ed=mo’head t-shirt if you don’t want to.

    it seems like you’re the ones that need to chill out/get mo’ head and relax.

  57. I do not find the team name ‘co-ed= mo’ head’ to be offensive, however, I do think that it’s inappropriate. I think that you could be a little more creative than that. I take your team name, as well as your team’s skills as a joke.

    And to Allison, you most definitely will be the most popular girl on campus, until your face is covered in oral herpes.

  58. Stevie J: Takes a lot to troll a website and bash people on their opinions doesn’t it? I mean not everyone here could accomplish this, what with having a life and all. Glad to see you don’t let that get in your way!

  59. well written article Leah, very well written indeed.

    God forbid any women dare bring up the topic of giving “head” being somewhat degrading to Women or something that reinforces the glass ceiling and perpetuates even more male dominance than there already exist in University campuses all over the United States.

    What needs to happen here, is that many people need to wake up. Many people need to stop the numbing that is being subliminally fed to them by their government and media. The reality is that we live in a sexist society where Women in many cases are not treated equally. If this were not true then their would not exist so many examples of such things. From Job equality all the way down to the brain numbing television most of you probably sit in front of.

    As for the females defending this tasteless shirt, all of you need to grow up. Really read what Leah is saying, REALLY READ WHAT SHE IS SAYING before you go on defending something that is really just furthering male dominance. On a small scale yes, but still doing so on some level.

    This is the problem with the a lot of the student body at Temple and other universities at Temple…the lack of critical thinking skills. Most students go to college just to learn some sort of trade with the mindset that in the end they will get a good paying job so essentially they do not retain the knowledge that is taught to them in classroom they instead just memorize. Memorization does not me that you are smart, it just means you have figured out how to get an As in college. That does not mean shit in terms of analyzing your surroundings, asking questions and not accepting norms. This is the reason why most of you are offended by this article, because it is shocking that someone actually would use their critical thinking skills to analyze the world around them and point out its flaws. If people like this did not exist then I guess African Americans would still have no justice or no rights. Wake up! We need people like Leah to challenge the way we perceive things, to challenge norms. If you don’t get it, then by all means continue on with your life numbing yourself by adhering to the standards that society as set forth. Numb yourself by going to school and learning how to make money. Or you can wake up tomorrow or the next day, step outside your door and analyze the world around you. Ask yourself…”Do I live in a sexist world?”

    Leah keep analyzing the world around you.

    -this comment was written by a human. not male. not female. human

    wake up ants.

  60. while the whole point of an opinion piece is to generate discussion–which obviously means there will be disagreement–it’s never alright to criticize the author based on her appearance or perceived sexuality. it’s ridiculous to see the conversation devolve into homophobia and sexism.

    i don’t think the name is harmful to me as an individual, but i do think that the attitude towards it sets women back in terms of equality. women are under pressure to laugh along with something that ignores their ability as athletes and instead highlights their role as sexual objects. when overlooking sexism protects women from being labeled uptight feminists and exposing themselves to rejection, who would chose to speak up? it takes audacity to have an unpopular opinion.

  61. oh yeah and 10 people died in D.C, is that funny? Really? Funny enough to name a team after?

  62. Aaaawwwww stevie! You don’t even remember my orientation? I thought you would get the hint since we did ride a giant penis float together at the pride parade.


  64. correct me if i’m wrong, but all of this sounds like a big high school reunion circle jerk… the kind where some kid comes up with what he thinks is a clever name for his team and then someone happens to notice and be offended (which is arguably inevitable). now he’s the center of attention and he gets all his buddies in on the fun. it’s almost like high school never ended…

  65. OKay, So Leah could relax, and yes she is putting herself out there on an opinion, and yes she is OBVIOUSLY a feminist, but why is everyone personally attacking her? There is absolutely no reason to attack her looks and personal life. I personally know her – I’m sure most of you moron’s don’t – and she is a wonderful person. Opinions are like assholes – everyone’s got one and they all stink so how about you guys let her have yours and if you want it known that you disagree with her and have your own opinion, then say it as professionally and eloquently as she did in her article.

  66. Only men would go so far as to start attacking Lesbians everywhere for an opinion in a college newspaper. Newsflash frat boys and bro-dudes everywhere – your dicks aren’t a present to women everywhere and the fact that they would look to other women for pleasure and love shouldn’t be shocking with the way you like to get in and get out like sex is guerilla warfare.

    the women who are indulging in this sort of behavior and making jokes about giving oral sex as a recreational activity are a bunch of bimbo’s that help to perpetuate the stereotype that women are lower then men and merely sexual objects.

    Pontificating your perception of manhood and humor is one thing, but to attack an already marginalized group, and to attack someone based on personal preferences is ludicrous.

    I am superior to you. I know this. I live this. And girls like Leah and I will most likely be your future bosses so you better learn to love our dyke asses and show some respect.

  67. Hey hey Stevie J!

    I’m assuming since all your team member’s arguments are that giving head applies to men and women EQUALLY, I want to ask you this:

    Stevie, given anyone head lately? ‘Cause from the likes of your most recent posts, sounds like you’re givin’ mo’ head than Allison “the Herpinator” over in White Hall.

    My point is: What person calls going down on a girl giving head? I haven’t heard that in my entire life. Excuse my French, but “eating out”, “eatin’ pussy”, “carpet munchin'”, “bean tongue ticklin'”, and “going down” are all the generally accepted terms for cunnilingus.

    But hey, Stevie, you keep on givin’ mo’ head. I bet all the teams you bat for ultimately enjoy it. You know, not that I’m gay bashing. I love all the gays and lezzies! There’s room in my heart for you too, Stevie… and in my bed. As long as you’re givin’ mo’ head I can be your co-ed.

  68. I think it’s sad that to have feminists ideals and opinions, you’re automatically labelled as an uptight, bitchy prude who hates men. All Leah is doing is giving her opinion on an issue that is important to her, and that should be equally as important to people (mainly women, who if they don’t care about this team name, they are supporting their own degradation)who read this article. “Co-ed = Mo’ head” is offensive in more ways than one, and Leah has every right to express her opinon on the matter. I think everyone ELSE needs to chill out, take a step back, and see that Leah isn’t uptight, she isn’t petitioning for a change of the name, but she is just bringing the team name up for questioning. That is all.

  69. AOF has never lost to “co ed-mo head.” I don’t think we’ve ever lost. To the championship and beyond tonight!

  70. Most everyone who has commented on this needs either a lesson in grammar or a lesson in spelling, or both. And we go to a UNIVERSITY?

  71. And we go to a University?(well said)

    I am overlooking the spelling
    errors of ” university” students.Did you sleep through English 101?

    You reflect sentiments of days gone by. You are
    not enlightened. You are prejudiced ,biased and
    closed minded as any preceding generation.

    You are the future leaders.We entrust the world to you. Well I am scared!

    They describe Co.Ed = Mo Head as witty, creative,hilarious and clever. I am disgusted by the men and women that sport this jersey. It lacks humor, it is degrading and not clever.

    The worst of the worst responses

    Allison, “I love giving head, I live in White Hall”…(.a mature reponse ..Allison leave your number in the bathroom…re for a good time)

    Mom of mo head ..”I laughed my butt will be the most popular girl on campus”(Define yourself as a parent… are a parent not a friend….your job is to guide)

    the seven girls on the softball team that didn’t have a problem with the shirts. (support your own degradation)

    Captain, suck a dick pun intended ( You lead by example…a stellar quality hey, great leadership)

    Susan B Anthony..( well someone is wasting a lot of money on your tuition….you’re clueless on the subject matter)

    Unknown…we just have the best name and tee shirt ( I applaud your sensitivity)

    Temple students take a look at yourselves.

    You have small thoughts…. go beyond

    Anyone think that Mo head is taking a jab at black Americans

    Hey to the Co.Eds= Mo Heads
    rename your team
    Dicks and Cunts
    Maybe it will slide thru administration

  72. a jab at balck americans? please explain yourself cause that is rediculous, like you just pulled that one out of your ass. and stop trying to be some saint that tells everyone how to live their life so seriously. lighten up look beyond the literal meaning of the shirts and enjoy the humor behind it. i feel bad for anyone that thinks its offensive cause you obviously live a boring monotonous life and never experience any excitement. besides getting an education the other part of college is to have fun and most of the people commenting on this dont know how to do that and im sorry but your life must suck

  73. You might want to send your posting through spell check, it is easy and convenient.
    balck americans?

    It is a good tool for those that lack writing skills. Keep that in mind when you are submitting a resume. And might I add, find a program that edits punctuation.

    In reference to the sentence that this might be a jab @ Black Americans….Co.Ed = Mo Head. It should read More Head not Mo Head.
    I admit I am not an expert in linguistics. But dropping the last syllable in words ,,,more….mo brother…bro…….is not correct. Forgive me if I attribute it to Black Americans, maybe it is an urban dialect. I am a city dweller I hear it!

    Lol… humor in degrading women… men supporting this degradation
    ha ha I missed the point .I am a stick in the mud
    yup my life sucks
    How about yours?
    Hope you are a freshman…….
    you lack maturity…..spell check and you will go far

  74. Jenn above said: “the team name not only carries a demeaning undertone, but that it is only serving to perpetuate the stereotypes female athletes have worked so hard to destroy”.

    Reading the majority of responses, I am ashamed and appalled by how little education on sexual inequality many Temple students have received–it’s like women having less privilege than men is a joke. Racism exists, just as sexism does–GET IT?! Men have more privilege than women! Just as white people have more privilege than black people (It’s an undeniable fact. Read the newspaper, read books, open you eyes).

    And I appreciate Ms. Mafrica for bringing this subject to light–it DOES matter. Does anyone remember the t-shirt project in Pittsburgh in which young women came together to fight against t-shirts such as “who needs a brain when you have these?” to be banned? (Search for: girls as grantmakers pittsburgh t-shirt–the effort was successful and commendable).

    A t-shirt for a co-ed softball team that says, “Co-Ed = Mo’ Head” is CLEARLY trying to say that men on a team (that tends to be all female) have some sort of ‘in’ now to getting head because they’re on a team with women. There’s no way around it.

    To argue that “head” applies to both men and women is ridiculous FOR THIS REASON: REGARDLESS of who can give/receive head (oral sex), sports are supposed to BRING TEAM-MEMBERS TOGETHER in equality and this shirt, that team name, “Co-Ed = Mo’ Head”, is degrading towards the women on the team and, just as Jenn said, it is perpetuating a stereotype of female subservience and submission that women are STILL fighting.

    Why not normalize men and women playing softball together instead of degrade your professional relationship? What if schools that became co-ed came up with t-shirts such as those? Believe me–they would not be okay considering the context, so why is it okay in this situation? It’s offensive, even if you don’t see it–which means you have yet learn and understand about the societal system of sexism. But I digress.

    Sex does NOT need to be brought into the sports arena–that can go on in the privacy of homes.

    AND I COMMEND MS. MAFRICA FOR WRITING THIS!!! Her sexual orientation has nothing to do with the article–it has to do with being ENLIGHTENED, as so many of the responders are not.

  75. You know, it’s really a shame. It’s guy’s like the ones above (with all the derogatory comments) who make men in general seem sexist and naive. Which is NOT TRUE, but it plainly shows how many guys actually have that mindset. Clearly, the whole coed = mo head seems to give those guys an ego boost.

    This article has nothing to do with Lesbians, dildos, feminists, etc!

  76. Not Okay do not tell me what I say is inappropriate and answer me with that response. You completely just sound stupid for saying I sound inappropriate then comeback with saying I’d enjoy dick in my mouth. Your real mature dude, you definitely proved your point on that one. I’m not very sure as to what point your trying to make with that comment? I am plenty happy with my dick in girls mouths so no thank you I’m not going to try the opposite. If she wants some oral too all she gotta do is ask;) I never stated that men are entitled to having oral sex from women either so do not twist my words. Do not blame me that from my own experience girls like sucking my penis. If you have a problem, take it up with them. And if you didn’t focus on one point of my post you would see that i did address the issue, I chose to do it in my own manner. I guess you didn’t read my first three sentences. I was expressing my disagreement with the article and how there are much bigger problems to worry about in today’s world. The fact that you think that is irrelevant shows me how caught up you are with the little insults I made. Do yourself a favor and relax. This is an argument you will never win.

  77. Lets define the word mature…. the mature take a bow….. the immature well lol take a step
    backward You know who you are.!!

  78. Okay so I tried to be eloquent, and thoughtful in my response. But you people are really starting to piss me off.
    Timothy J. Shanahan, you did say that- in fact, here is the quote “The fact that most people think the team name is funny is being overshadowed by a minority group of people who find it offensive. So unless you have a legitimate number of people who find this degrading, mind your own business.” so yeah..and I don’t watch Oprah.

    And to everyone who is picking on Leah personally, how f-ing delicate are your humongous egos that when someone picks on your lame t-shirts you resort to hateful, homophobic attacks, and childish remarks about haircuts? Has anyone here even seen a crewcut? Nice work team! No, seriously I love the army you’ve assembled. So you guys want to get personal? fine. Personally I think you are all stupid, blind, and terribly uninteresting. (except for the mom, that’s just bizarre, and kind of sad.)

    And Army, the implication that people who don’t find this stupid little joke funny are uptight and can’t enjoy themselves is even sadder. Is this really it? This is funny? Sorry, but my tastes are a little different. I don’t think the gold standard of comedy is a weak play on words about blowing dudes. And despite what you idiots say, it is about blowing dudes. Fart jokes on the other hand will always be funny.

    And to a very funny, non-uptight, yet socially conscious personal friend of mine. Keep it up Leah! In my dream world, all great journalists will work to piss off the mentally lazy.
    Hell, this may be the most some of these people have ever written without being graded.

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