November 29: Financial Struggles On and Off the Field

RePrint is your biweekly rundown of the stories you need to know about from The Temple News’. It is available on Wednesdays featuring Pablo Rouco and other editors from The Temple News.

Temple’s student body has shrunk by almost 10,000 students over 4 years causing budget cuts and the university to reassess recruitment tactics. Assistant News Editor Sidney Rochnik hops on the mic to talk about how this has impacted the university and gives an update on TAUP contract negotiations.

Temple Athletics has struggled to find success the past few years as it grapples with mass coaching turnover, little to no support for NIL and difficulty fundraising. Chief Copy Editor Samuel O’Neal and Sports Editor Declan Landis discuss how these challenges have changed the department’s culture and what can be done.

*This episode of RePrint was recorded prior to E.J. Warner announcing he would enter the transfer portal

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