Philly band finds solace in its own town after touring the nation

With an EP under their belt, Address has bigger plans ahead.

Many snuff when they hear Philly called the “city of brotherly love”.

The city’s own Address has traveled across the country from Alabama to Virginia, but finds a unique quality to the city they call home.

The band consists of Dan Kloza on guitar and lead vocals, Peter Piecyznski on the guitar, Kylewilliam Campol on bass and Justin Phillips on drums.

The band says they enjoy the friendliness Philly possesses which has allowed the members to see and meet new people.

“That kind of attitude transcends America,” Kloza said. “Philly has a strong sense of that, though there are pockets of it across the country.”

As of the moment, the band only has a four-song EP available for download on their Bandcamp with a “name your price” option. Released on Feb. 23 of this year, the EP features songs such as “205”, “The Fountain”, “Lessened Efforts” and “Become Empty”. The “in-your-face” sound fits their self-descriptive modern post-hardcore genre. With loud dynamics and scratchy vocals, their sound can be pictured playing to a basement show crowd with the shadow of a sea of bobbing heads or at a larger venue with crowds throwing themselves at each other.

To develop their sound equally as unique as the city they’re based out of, it takes Address anywhere a few days to a few weeks to write a new song. While writing lyrics, Piecyznski and Phillips take on social issues while other band members tend to fall back on personal experiences.

“The really gnarly messages get me really excited to jump around. From a musical and lyrical standpoint,” Campol said.

However, the differences in subject matter do not create issues within the band, but merely creative differences that add to songs.

“Writing [the EP] was interesting. We wrote it with friends we’ve known for years,” Phillips said.

The band recorded the EP with friends as well. The drums were recorded by Eric Muth in a studio room at Drexel Univeristy, where he attends. Muth also recorded for Philly band Marietta.

Though the band only has the EP out at the moment, it has big plans for the future. Currently, Address has another four songs they have written and recorded but have not yet released to the public.

Address has performed with some other Philly phan-favorites including bands The Guru and Kite Party. Though the band doesn’t have any shows lined up for the moment, house show goers are likely to see them soon. For show information or to hear their sound, visit their bandcamp at

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