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International Student Affairs has only two full-time employees, who are a resource for thousands of international students.

In 2016, Temple University, a home to 3,000 international students, established International Student Affairs, an office dedicated to helping international students adjust and navigate college life.  

International Student Affairs helps international students from the moment they enroll to their arrival and up to the time they graduate, yet the office only has two full-time employees who are supported by part-time student workers, The Temple News reported.

The university should provide the office with additional full-time employees and enough resources and support to help the office continue to help international students adjust to the cultural difference they experience.

International students often face unique problems compared to the rest of the student body, like knowing the language and how to access basic necessities, among dealing with other cultural adjustments. These students often have no family in the U.S., making the existence of this office essential for this student population.

The office hosts dozens of cultural events on Main Campus, and while cultural events might seem extracurricular, they are important in making the international community feel welcome in the United States and at home at Temple.

On Jan. 27, Temple Student Government’s Parliament passed a resolution calling on the executive branch to issue statements of support for the office and international students, which was signed by Student Body President Francesca Capozzi on Jan. 30. 

The Editorial Board calls on Temple to provide the office with the necessary resources to be able to continue serving our community of international students, one that has grown immensely over the years.

International students bring invaluable experiences to our campus, and they invest a lot of money to be able to study here. In return, investing in resources to help these students is the least Temple can do.

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