Tuttleman Counseling Services offers remote counseling

The counseling center holds a therapy group focused on coping with the pandemic.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Tuttleman Counseling Services has been offering remote phone and Zoom video sessions. SYDNEY SCHAEFER / THE TEMPLE NEWS

As mental health workers have been designated as essential in Pennsylvania, Temple’s counseling center, Tuttleman Counseling Services has moved its services online and is working with students to continue and access mental health care.

Tuttleman offers remote phone and Zoom video sessions to students, wrote Mark Denys, director of Student and Employee Health Services, in an email to The Temple News. 

Students who have never used Tuttleman’s services before may register online by requesting services and completing paperwork digitally Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, Denys wrote. They will receive an assessment within 24 hours of their registration.


Counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists need state licenses to practice in a specific state. Students who live outside Pennsylvania in states where Tuttleman’s counselors are not licensed to practice are being referred to local resources, Denys added.

Pennsylvania is expediting temporary licenses for out-of-state health care professionals so they may respond to the pandemic, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette reported. While many states are offering expedited licensure due to the pandemic, there are states that are not doing this, Denys said. 


Tuttleman has been hosting zoom group sessions called “COVID-19 Conservations Group” since the beginning of April, Denys wrote. These group sessions include discussions about emotions related to the pandemic and how to cope with them, according to Tuttleman’s website. The group meets four times a week, and Denys said Tuttleman will add groups in the coming weeks. 

The Wellness Resource Center also hosts zoom discussion events in which they talk about self-care strategies.

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