Urban Influence

Attending an urban residential campus offers advantages and requires respect.

In the last eight years, the number of students living on or around Main Campus has more than doubled. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Temple’s upward mobility is its transition from a commuter school to a residential community.

(Julia Wilkinson/TTN)

Each year, it seems more students are inclined to make somewhat permanent homes for themselves in Philadelphia, and each year, Temple makes it easier for its students to do so. Our urban campus provides opportunities that we otherwise would not have: access to public transportation, 24-hour facilities and a variety of housing options. At many universities, living in a major city and taking the subway to class everyday are not feasible. At Temple, it’s the norm.

Temple students are fortunate enough to be part of a community that affords opportunity and advancement. But students need to keep in mind that we are one part of this community. As Temple expands, residents in its surrounding neighborhoods have had to deal with the frustrations that come with college students living among them. Rowdiness, trash and late night noises are just a few of the inconveniences North Philadelphia residents have had to put up with from Temple students.

Being part of a community means respecting it, and that’s where Temple students have fallen short in the past. North Philadelphia and its residents have been here from the beginning. These people have watched our campus grow and expand, and they deserve to feel proud to share their community with us. Temple encourages its students to explore the city and give back, but the best way to make a name for ourselves is to be a community school. This is something other Philadelphia campuses do not have.

It is a privilege, not a right, to be part of the North Philadelphia community. Recognizing that is the first step in building a better relationship with the nearby neighborhoods, and an important aspect of our reputation as a school that respects its environment.

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