Voices: Do you support student-run businesses?

Temple University students share if they support student-run businesses.

Deven Soontharothai

Freshman management information systems major

“I think honestly like, if I was given a choice between a student-run business or not, I would probably choose the one that isn’t run by a student, but I don’t see the problem with a student-run business.”

Tori Millheim

Junior biology major

“I try to because I like to support other people’s dreams, and if it comes from a small business rather than a big corporation I find that as a bonus.”

John Kakoyan

Freshman economics major

“I haven’t really, I don’t know of any student-run small businesses, but I would buy from them to help them out if I knew of any.”

Asha Kunchakarra

Junior management information systems major

“Personally I don’t buy from many student businesses, not just because I don’t want to support them, I just naturally don’t, I’ve never done it before, but there’s no like reasoning for it.”

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