Voices: Would you prefer taking mostly in-person or online classes in the fall?

Temple University students share if they prefer taking in-person or online classes for next semester.

Noelle Bayda

Sophomore nursing major

“I already have a lot of classes in person because of nursing having them be at the hospital, so I am excited to have most of them in person and have everyone else be able to experience that as well.”

Quinn Bobbitt

Freshman theater major

“I think it is going to be a little more safer in the fall, so I feel like it is going to be a good way to go back and work really well.”

Sabrina Aguila

Freshman international business major

“It is really nice that most of them are in person just because I like to study with people around me and I feel like I do a lot better when I am with other college students.”

Daniel Roberts

Sophomore Africology and African American studies major

“I would prefer in-person classes. The workload would appear to be a lot more manageable when we were in person versus online, and I feel like a lot of the classes we have right now feel stressful because they were not designed to be online classes.”

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