Walking Tall and Speaking Easy

1. Save up

Many of the bars inspired by the opulence of the 1920s style don’t exactly price their drinks for the budget-minded student. It’s best to save your pennies and make this a special trip.

2. Go in small groups

Speakeasies are trying to create an intimate drinking atmosphere, so showing up with 20 of your closest friends is a sure way to be left out in the cold. Pick your favorites to share in the secret.

3. Make it your first choice

Don’t expect to just stumble into a speakeasy for last call. The bartenders put a lot of care into their specialty cocktails, so show up a little earlier and avoid the lines.

4. Talk a big game

Some bars will ask you how you heard about the place before they let you in. Speakeasies during Prohibition relied on word of mouth, so maybe tell them a friend (and not The Temple News) sent you.

5. Dress the part

Depending on which establishment you choose, you may want to dress with a touch of class. You wouldn’t want to feel out of place among the leather-bound books or velvet wallpaper.

6. Follow the rules

Snap a picture inside a certain Chinatown speakeasy, and you are going to find yourself back out on the curb. Play along and enjoy yourself, because these bars are all about the experience.

-Rachel McDevitt

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