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Brittiny Stewart runs Fashion of Philly.

Brittiny Stewart runs the blog Fashion of Philly, documenting fahion culture in the city. | COURTESY Shariff Adams
Brittiny Stewart runs the blog Fashion of Philly, documenting fahion culture in the city. | COURTESY Shariff Adams

Keeping track of Philly’s fashion by blog and two online magazines in only one part of Brittiny Stewart’s busy life. Stewart, from Willingboro, N.J., launched her own fashion blog after deciding she wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry while having creative control – hence, Fashion of Philly’s creation in November 2010.

Stewart said she envisioned Fashion of Philly to be an online space where she could share beauty and style tips, fashion trends and fashion-related events happening in and around Philadelphia.

“I always wanted to be involved in fashion,” Stewart said. “When I was younger, I remember my mom having subscriptions to W and Vogue. I would gaze at them and get so excited over what I saw. Back then, the Style Network was really about style. They used to show runway shows, designer collections and interviews with the designers. I would watch it whenever I could.”

Stewart graduated from the Art Institute with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. Stewart said she started Fashion of Philly while looking for a full-time job.

“I started researching fashion-related topics in Philadelphia and I noticed that there was a lot going on, but there weren’t many websites to inform you about events beforehand,” she said. “Most media outlets were sharing the events with the public after they happened. I wanted to make people aware of fashion-related events before they happened to let people know that you don’t have to be in New York City or Los Angeles just to go to a fashion event.”

Stewart’s love for fashion extends into her working life. She creates online magazine layouts and runs three online shops, along with being a freelance stylist and event coordinator.

Stewart runs websites Jewel of Philly and Chic Appeal, and is a part of Chloe and Isabel, an online jewelry shop that Stewart said “is similar to Avon, but more [advanced] technologically.”

Stewart also got the opportunity to be on “Celebrity Corner” with Dorthy Cascerceri, modeling Kate Hudson’s line for Ann Taylor.

Stewart has also modeled for the Preakness at the Piazza on “Eye Opener Philly” on PHL 17, as well. She has been featured on “Simon Fashion Now” with fellow bloggers Jessie Holeva and Ian Crumm, modeling Guess for the King of Prussia Mall. She’s modeled for an Old Navy back-to-school segment on CBS 3, too.

Outside the Philadelphia scene, Stewart has been invited to New York’s Fashion Week twice.

Another recent achievement included hosting shopping events at big-name places such as Saks Fifth Avenue. On Nov. 7, Stewart will be hosting a shopping event at Dynamite in the King of Prussia Mall.

Stewart said Fashion of Philly has even brought her new friendships. By bonding with other fashion bloggers, she has grown close to local blogger and Temple graduate Alice Chan of Dalabooh. Stewart brings fashion bloggers together by being a community director of Philly Blog Love, a community blogging base.

When talking to other girls about finding their own sense of personal style, Stewart said it can’t be taken too seriously.

“Have fun. Be yourself. Find out what works for you and your body type,” she said. “The great thing about fashion is it’s a way to express how you feel. It’s fun to look at fashion magazines, blogs or television shows for inspiration, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to be an exact replica of what you see.”

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