Students anticipate new bagel shop near campus

Students are excited for the opening of Bagels and Co. but await Bagel Hut’s return.

Bagels and Co. will open this summer as students continue to grapple with the loss of bagel hut. | CHARLOTTE SAUNDERS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

With a wide variety of bagel options on Temple’s Main Campus, the battle of the bagels will determine which storefronts carry the fan favorite. Bagels and Co. will be the newest bagel shop this summer, ready to serve Temple students with their homemade bagels and different cream cheese flavors. 

Bagels and Co.’s first college campus storefront is under construction and located at 1431 Cecil B. Moore Ave., as a restaurant under Glu Hospitality, a hospitality group that operates various venues within the city, including the planned Peabody restaurant set to open next door. Bagels and Co. offers in-store dining, online ordering services and catering.

When junior advertising major, Lily Smith walks past Bagel Hut on her way to class, she reminisces about the times when Bagel Hut, located on Montgomery Avenue near Liacouras Walk, was once packed with students. 

Today, Smith looks forward to campus having another bagel joint for people to congregate around, she said. 

“I’ll definitely stop by [Bagels and Co.] because like I said, it’s on my way to campus and I think it’s in, it’s on a lot of people’s way to campus,” Smith said. “And hopefully it’ll just be a good little spot to grab a nice breakfast sandwich. And then it’ll be cheap and the people in there will be cool.”

Students are excited for Bagels and Co.’s anticipated opening this summer due to Bagel Hut’s closure for construction last August. However, some are hesitant to replace the legacy of Bagel Hut. 

“I don’t know if it could really replace Bagel Hut because Bagel Hut was kind of like its own little thing and had a very special vibe and a sense of community,” Smith said. “People were very loyal to Bagel Hut and so I don’t think it will truly replace what Bagel Hut is but it definitely could be people’s next stop.” 

Students are able to find other bagels at restaurants on campus like Bagel Shop, Saxbys, Old Nelson Food Company, Richies or some breakfast serving food trucks. 

Bagel Hut was expected to open after winter break for the Spring 2023 semester. However, the store has remained closed due to construction for a nearby running water and sewage line. 

“We are still waiting that construction to be completed along with our new Bagel Hut sign and unfortunately we do not have a set stone date to be back to serve to Temple University community again,” wrote a Bagel Hut team member in an email to The Temple News. 

Other than the food, bagels and coffee that Bagel Hut serves, their employees have always been nice and extremely welcoming, Smith said. 

Some students like Suubi Nakaddu remain on a hunt to find a bagel in Philadelphia that reminds them of their hometowns.

“I’ve always wanted to try [Bagel Hut], but it’s always closed and it’s never really like a good and solid option for me,”said Nakaddu, a freshman information science and technology major. “So [Bagels and Co.] would definitely be like, a good option for me, especially from New Jersey like, I guess I always eat bagels.” 

Bagels and Co. plans to sell traditional New York-style water bagels and stand out from other bagel shops in Philadelphia with their variety of 30 cream cheese flavors, said Derek Gibbons, the chief operating officer and partner of Glu Hospitality. 

“One of our business strategies is that bagel shops will do very well on college campuses,” Gibbons said. “Obviously, you have that large audience of students who are always up early for class, faculty,  what have you. So, I think our strategy overall is to be on college campuses and metro areas.”

Convenience, good customer service and organization are traits that will allow Bagels and Co. to have success, Nakaddu said. 

“[Bagels and Co. is] a place that’s all about community and that’s why we’re able to open so many of them in Philly because it’s not something you’re gonna travel 20 minutes to, it’s about convenience and consistency,” Gibbons said.

Providing students, faculty, staff and Philadelphia community members with proper customer service is also a lesson that the Bagels and Co. staff plans on teaching Temple students. 

Bagels and Co. is currently working with Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management to potentially offer internships or job opportunities, instructing students how to run a fast and casual business concept. 

It is their goal to educate the future of the hospitality workers and shape them into leaders, Gibbons said. 

“I think we’re gonna be very busy in that location,” Gibbons said. “And I think The Peabody will do very well. So I just, I’m excited to get it open and then deliver it to you guys.”

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