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The death of a captain

Losing a friend, mentor and respected elder makes a woman reflect on childhood memories.


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Temple Stadium Voted into Next Phase

The Temple University Board of Trustees voted "yes" to moving on to the next phase of development for the school's proposed on-campus stadium following a board meeting and public discussion on Monday, February 8, 2016.
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A Million Stories

A Million Stories is the work of Philadelphia photographer Amurri Lauren, whose photos represent the lives of a great many people of diverse backgrounds.
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Leo Sheng, Director of Extreme Philly Fishing

Temple University alumnus Leo Sheng, director of the popular blog Extreme Philly Fishing, talks to the Temple News about his web site and how it's contributing to the urban fishing community.


Dr. Dog and Pig Iron Theatre Company- Swamp is On

Dr. Dog and Pig Iron Theatre Company presented “Swamp is On”, a psychedelic collaboration of theater and music that was held at Union Transfer Wednesday September 9 through Saturday September 12. The show was part of the 19th annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and it attracted Dr. Dog super fans and curious Fringe-goers alike.