Donate where it counts

Giving money to shelters and nonprofits makes a larger impact on homelessness than giving someone your change.

Make homelessness personal

Treat homeless people like human beings by acknowledging their presence and giving to them when you can.


Features Round-up: Week of Jan 16, 2018

Features Editors Emily Scott and Ian Walker discuss the week's top stories, including a South Korean student's uncertain future under DACA's termination.

Features Round-up: Week of Dec. 5, 2017

Features editors Emily Scott and Ian Walker discuss two stories from this week's paper, like the coffee shop and bookstore Marc Lamont Hill opened in Germantown last week.


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Annual rock sale held on campus

The College of Science and Technology's earth and environmental science department held its annual rock sale on campus this week.

The Essayist

Escaping into her memories

A student reflects on her grandmother’s storytelling and how it helps her learn about her great-aunts, who suffered from dementia.