Dunkin Donuts ex-employee sought by police for robbery

Suspect threatened to burn worker, left with undisclosed amount.

Temple Police are seeking a male suspect in regards to a recent robbery at the Dunking Donuts on Cecil B. Moore Avenue near Broad Street early Wednesday morning.

Investigators said a former employee of the establishment, going by the name “Warren,” entered the store around 3:18 a.m. and threatened to burn a night-shift employee David Perez if he did not cooperate with the robbery.

Perez claimed the suspect was waiting in the store as customers were getting their orders. After some time, the suspect then proceeded to the back of the register and threatened to burn the clerk if he tried to stop him.

“He was recently fired, so he knew how to open up the register,” Perez said.

The ex-employee then took an undetermined amount of money from the cash register and quickly ran out of the store.

The suspect fled on foot heading southbound on the Edge parking lot towards West Oxford Street, said Temple Police Operations Manager Michael McFall.

No one was injured during the incident, and no further detail was given on the suspect, including whether he had any weapons or incendiary devices, which can cause a fire.

The manager of the establishment was not available for comment.

The Temple Police are still investigating the incident.

Edward Barrenechea can be reached at tue84085@temple.edu.

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