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Authentic belly dancers and dishes transport Marrakesh patrons to Morocco.

Authentic belly dancers and dishes transport Marrakesh patrons to Morocco.

COLIN KERRIGAN TTN The intricately designed doorway to Marrakesh leads to classic Moroccan meals in an authentically decorated environment.

A slight turn off South Street can transport you to old-fashioned and mysterious Morocco, the land of “Casablanca” and rich history. This is all possible upon entering the elaborately decorated doors of Marrakesh, a restaurant that is as much about the experience as it is about the food.

Marrakesh offers an authentic prix fixe, six-course Moroccan meal. Customers choose three courses to make up their main dishes, including a three-salad platter with eggplant, carrot and cucumber salads, chicken in cumin sauce and a chicken dumpling with cinnamon and sugar, known as b’stella.

After patrons devour five large courses, Marrakesh delivers a dessert course of fresh fruit, baklava cakes and warm mint tea. It’s the perfect ending to the bold flavors of dinner and settles the stomach nicely, for a full but refreshed feeling.

Adding to the authenticity is the lack of silverware. Hands replace forks and knives for all dishes, from an eggplant salad to a whole chicken. Customers receive napkins that resemble large bath towels, and waiters pass around water between each course to allow for hand washing among friends and family members.

With Moroccan music, colorful belly dancers and enchanting décor as a backdrop, Marrakesh offers not only great food, but also a fun and authentic experience. At $30 per person, the splurge is a worthwhile way to experience Moroccan food and culture.

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