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It is kind of ironic that in my senior year of high school, I had no idea what the deal was with homecoming because I took a majority of that week off to visit Temple.

It is kind of ironic that in my senior year of high school, I had no idea what the deal was with homecoming because I took a majority of that week off to visit Temple. Now that I am in my third year here, I’m still clueless when it comes to homecoming. What would any tech-savvy Internet-lover do to catch up on the current buzz? Turn to Twitter. Picture 9

Not that the university’s homecoming site (www.temple.edu/homecoming) isn’t informative, but we Owls need to know the inside scoop. Who is this Asher Roth character? And should I be embarrassed I don’t already know? More importantly, is he worth my Saturday night? Here is what’s been floating around Temple’s tweetosphere about homecoming.

@SkyeBleu: I’m thinking about coming up with my own series of homecoming events
Clearly Temple doesn’t have me convinced. The campus scavenger hunt scheduled for Wednesday apparently doesn’t appeal to the average 20-something college student. I was sure that since this is a text message scavenger hunt, it would be a popular event, kind of like the college editions of Jeopardy; all the categories have to do with texting or Facebook.

@andiconvey: Temple homecoming has Lupe Fiasco AND Asher Roth, cool. Oh well, all time low weekend >> homecoming.
I’ll admit I have an embarrassingly high number of plays of Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” on my iTunes, but one hit does not exactly make a concert. Unless Mathew Santos makes a surprise appeance to perform “Superstar,” I’m nervous everyone might endure the Kidz Bop version of the song. I’m sure he has other songs that maybe some other Temple students are aware of, but @andiconvey doesn’t seem pleased. And I still don’t know who Asher Roth is.

@skinnysuge: Roflmao temple has asher roth and lupe fiasco for homecoming… Yea so I won’t be going to c that sh*t lol
First, an ultimate low weekend and now students are rolling on the floor laughing at the homecoming concert. This isn’t looking good for Temple. At least now I can gather that Asher Roth is either equally or more tragic than Lupe.

@KD_LAJ #iloveyou Temple But…. . Yall [messin’] up Homecoming.. WTF… wat we Broke or sumtin??
I wouldn’t blame the lack of coolness on money, @KD_LAJ. I think maybe if more students actually cared about homecoming, it could be a bigger deal. Fun things don’t just happen. If you really do love Temple, why don’t you make the effort to help homecoming not suck? Write Oprah and Ellen sad letters about how Temple ruined your dreams of a perfect homecoming; those ladies change lives, you know.

@msangeline Sumbody said i should get more involved wit skool, so here it goes TU RUNS PHILLY! Come to TempleHomecoming Oct. 12-17! Not Y But Y Not!
Unfortunately, tweeting about Temple does not exactly count as getting more involved with school. As soon as I start the Twitter Appreciation Association, you’ll be the first to know, @msangeline. I do agree, though; Temple has the most presence among colleges in Philly. However, your fellow tweeters seem to have plenty of reasons for your “why not?”

After all the negativity I found on Twitter, I am perfectly OK not knowing Asher Roth, and I think I’ll skip the concert and watch DVDs of Ugly Betty. It sounds like many students will be doing the same, minus Betty.

Samantha Krotzer can be reached at samantha.krotzer@temple.edu.

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  1. Do you need permission to publish people’s tweets? Or shouldn’t you at least notify them? I understand that Twitter is public, but if people aren’t publicizing their names, perhaps they might not want them in the school paper.

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