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Like many other Temple tweeters, this is my first holiday season in the Twittersphere. Last week #imthankfulfor was a trending topic, and tweeters from across the nation opened their hearts to let their followers know how much they love their family and friends. But first, let’s be thankful most of our parents do not have a Twitter.

Through all of the love, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Where were the tweets about being thankful for Twitter? As I clutched my cell phone, madly tweeting about the events going on around me and the alcohol I needed to consume to get through it, I felt more thankful for Twitter than ever. My timeline reflected similar tweets – family brawls, booze and funny anecdotes. With each new tweet, I felt less alone in my own personal Thanksgiving hell. Twittastic. Picture 9

As the Thanksgiving tweets fizzled into the dark outside layers of the Twit world, Black Friday tweets took over my timeline. I noticed an abundance of tweets that I found particularly disturbing: tights as pants. Twitter knows everything first, therefore I truly believe if a trend is discussed in the Twittersphere in high volume, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And this I am not thankful for, I am nauseous. The full North Face, Uggs and tights package is bad enough, but now tights have claimed their independence. This isn’t fashion, this is embarrassing.

@BrwnSkinnedLoca: #leaveitinthe00s opaq tights being worn as pants with t shirts and boots. No ma’am. Not a good look.

I definitely agree. Please, can we leave these in the ‘00s? Maybe if this trend finally dies, the sale of pants and other bottom apparel will boost, something the economy could use. If everyone is scoring tights at $5 a pop at Wal-Mart when they would usually spend double on some jeans, it creates the portrait of financial downfall. For the stability of our nation’s economy, please stop this tights/pants debacle.

@auttibaby: Clearly tights give me the false impression that I’m wearing pants. My legs be all types of open smh [shaking my head]

You probably have that impression because you aren’t wearing pants. Your tights, to my dismay, become your pants by default. Not to point fingers, but you’re the reason I haven’t glanced at an issue of Vogue in months. I live in fear that I will see a 17-page layout about the beauty of tights, which would force me to boycott Condé Nast in its entirety.

@markdsid: Tights should be illegal. I almost got in a huge accident!!

Tights being illegal may be a little too broad. I like tights; I really do. I also like realizing most people do not want to see every nook and cranny of my lower half. But, @markdsid, I am not sure how to take your tone of this tweet. For my sanity, I will just assume you agree with me. Also, can you direct message me and let me know where you almost got into this tights provoked accident? I have a really strong feeling that it was at the corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. I was there recently, attempting to enjoy some coffee when a girl walked by in her – surprise – tights and a larger T-shirt. However, her tights were positively sheer, almost translucent. The sights of her bunched up, purple granny panties will forever be burned into my mind. @markdsid, the same person could have hurt both of us. I’m here for you.

I know I cannot change anyone’s ways – if one doesn’t want to wear pants, then one will not wear pants. Until this silly fashion blip is over I will sit back and tell myself that I admire those tight-wearers for their self-confidence. But please, have confidence in the tights that aren’t see-through.

Samantha Krotzer can be reached at samantha.krotzer@temple.edu.

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